Michael Chagala

Michael Chagala

Director of Information Technology

Finalist for San Diego Business Journal IT Excecutive of the Year, 2013

World’s top conference on web technology and design

Michael Chagala


Sullivan Solar Power is a solar power company; we put solar panels on roofs and save people money. Why then did we send our web development team to the world’s top conference on web technology and design?

The question above might have little initial impact on you as a visitor to this website, but certainly threw our competition into a panic. Hidden inside is not only something they are not doing, but sets the bar impossibly high if they ever did. Let’s unpack it.

  1. Web development team. Full-time, in-house, and possibly an industry first. Most of our competition got their start in a different line of work such as electrical, roofing, or general contracting. They see an opportunity to make money and change their product to solar. The problem is they don’t change how they operate; sales, management, training… all artifacts of the prior business model. They quickly find themselves overwhelmed and cutting corners to stay afloat. They end up leaving behind a legacy of cheap panels and poor craftsmanship that tarnish the reputation of the industry.
    What does this have to do with having a web development team? Websites are a prime example of where many companies fail. People demand more from websites of solar power firms than the companies mentioned above are prepared for. Solar shoppers are highly intelligent and analytical; they expect accurate, up-to-date, online information on solar power and why you are qualified to earn their business. Sullivan Solar Power recognized this from the start and baked an online strategy into its business model.
  2. World’s top conference on web technology and design. Being light-years ahead of the competition isn’t good enough; let’s send the team to world-class training!

What does this mean to you? Volumes of up-to-date news and information on solar power and the company behind it at your fingertips.

It also means you are dealing with a successful and established company. We are committed to being excellent at what we do and it reflects in how we operate.

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  • 5 Facts to know before going solar!
  • 1. Only use a CSLB licensed installer.
  • 2. Systems can be purchased or leased.
  • 3. Get a shade analysis and roof inspection.
  • 4. Use a company with years of experience.
  • 5. Don't be lured by free iPads or toasters.