The Success Of The Coachella Valley Solar Program Provided Residents With Affordable Clean Energy Options

Launched March 1, 2013, Coachella Valley's Solar Program gave Coachella Valley property owners the opportunity to go solar for no upfront cost and receive substantial cash-back incentives for their involvement; early adopters received the highest incentives. The program, which was very popular throughout Coachella Valley, closed on May 31, 2013.

"Coachella Valley's Solar Program offered property owners the opportunity to get paid to go solar with our company," said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, "My team's vision is to transition the area from foreign fossil fuels and dirty energy to clean, renewable and proven solar technology."

To date, 352,062 watts of clean, renewable energy has been committed to be installed throughout Coachella Valley, and 37 residents got paid to go solar through the program. Thank you Program Participants for helping Coachella Valley declare energy independence!

Client Testimonial:

Cathedral City resident, Jeff McGurk, was dealing with high temperatures and high energy bills during the summer months before deciding to participate in Coachella Valley's Solar Program.  "I thought going solar would be too expensive to install and that it would take years to offset the cost. But I had an opportunity to speak with Sullivan Solar Power, visit their website, and found that I could go solar for no money down, start saving money from the get go and even get a nice rebate. Who wouldn't go solar knowing that? Especially in the desert!" said McGurk.

Before going solar with Sullivan Solar Power, McGurk's electric bill averaged $300 per month and was as high as $650 during the summer months. With the installation of his new solar power system, McGurk is paying as little as $211 per month- about 30% less than his previous electric bill. In addition to the monthly savings, the 8,600W solar power system is expected to eliminate 390,605.95 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere over the lifetime of the system.


(April 2, 2013) The Coachella Valley Business Weekly recorded a radio podcast featuring David Savarese, Project Developer at Sullivan Solar Power who played a critical role in assisting many Coachella Valley residents go solar through the Program. In the radio podcast, Savarese discusses all the details of Coachella Valley's Solar Program. The segment begins about 8 minutes and 15 seconds into the program.

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  • 5 Facts to know before going solar!
  • 1. Only use a CSLB licensed installer.
  • 2. Systems can be purchased or leased.
  • 3. Get a shade analysis and roof inspection.
  • 4. Use a company with years of experience.
  • 5. Don't be lured by free iPads or toasters.