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Make Solar Power Your Business

While many Southern California homeowners have gone green by installing solar power sytems on their homes to generate cleaner electricity directly from the sun, solar power may also be a viable option for business and commercial property owners. Whether your business is a large corporate enterprise or a smaller operation, solar power could hold the key to helping you become profitable and environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the advantages your business can enjoy by installing a solar power system.

Get a Federal Tax Break

Did you know the United States government offers a 30-percent tax credit to businesses that install solar power systems? This federal tax credit can be taken all at once or over several years, regardless of how much your installed sytem costs.

Additional State Tax Rebate

In addition to the 30-percent federal tax credit, the State of California also provides businesses with a rebate that covers about five percent of the cost of a solar system. The state tax rebate is paid upon signing of the contract to install your solar power equipment.

Save by Getting off the Grid

Does it make good business sense to continue paying thousands of dollars each month to the local utility? Wouldn't you rather save in the long run by purchasing a solar power system for your business? By depreciating the cost of your system with Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery, your business can recoup approximately 25 percent of your investment in less than six years. With the available federal and state tax credits, rebates, and depreciation factored in, approximately 60 percent of your solar power installation costs are recouped in just a few short years.

Green is Red Hot

Businesses that go green are now recognized as community leaders. Many consumers feel better about supporting businesses that help promote a cleaner environment. Your business will benefit greatly from being able to promote itself as a green business that has incorporated environmentally friendly business practices.

No Capital Outlay Options

Do you want to go green but have concerns about how much up-front costs will be involved? Sullivan Solar Power offers a Power Purchase Agreement, which could be a great solution if your business uses more than 400,000 kilowatt hours per year, has been in business for more than five years and has healthy audited financials. If your business meets these criteria, we can provide your organization with a power purchase contract for your commercial solar power system. You must own your commercial building and intend to stay there for the duration of the power purchase agreement term, usually 15 to 20 years. Also, you must be willing to provide your corporate financials to our financier prior to the drafting of the contract.

Sullivan Solar Power will structure a deal in which your business pays our financier a rate per kilowatt hour produced that is equal to, or lesser than, your current rate with a fixed escalator that is less than the historical escalator of the utility. For more information on whether a Power Purcahse Agreement is a good fit for your commercial business, please contact us for more details.

Click here to see examples of our commercial scale systems.


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  • Our experience was wonderful. They made sure we were well informed and were never pushy for the sale.

    - C Paulsen
  • Very professional, nonintrusive to my home. Worked around my schedule, EASY to work with, no misleading information.

    - D Acosta
  • With no money out of pocket, we now have become part of the solution to our country's energy problem.

    - P Gable
  • Sullivan took my $700 SDG&E bill to 29 cents! I think that says it all.

    - J Hemmi
  • If I knew it was going to be so simple and painless I would have gone solar years ago.

    - D Bajek
  • Everyone worked on my home as if it was their own.

    - D Navarro
  • Sullivan, by far, provided the best system value and the best long term opportunity to save money through solar power.

    - K Hord
  • This is a no-brainer in sunny San Diego. Very easy process. I helped the environment, fixed my electric bills and saved money too!

    - C Young
  • First rate.

    - A Wilson
  • I love watching my electric meter go backwards. Thank you Sullivan!

    - J Sanders
  • Outstanding.

    - B Maxon
  • There are so many options in the growing solar market and if we had to do it all over again, we would choose Sullivan Solar Power.

    - C Minegar
  • Sullivan was the best priced of four different contractors and was the most professional and prepared.

    - K Allin
  • Sullivan Solar Power is the one solar installer I trusted to do the job properly the first time.

    - J Conlin
  • All I can say is - excellent work delivered by a professional team.

    - L McJannet
  • We are totally happy to be doing our part to save the planet and save money.

    - A Gilleran
  • We recieved quotes from 4 companies and Sullivan was by far the most professional in their proposals and also most accurate in their production estimated by far.

    - M Rupe
  • Sullivan Solar Power proved to be an excellent choice after researching solar contractors; they were knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and accurate with their estimate.

    - J Coppola
  • The planning of our system by Sullivan, dealing with the city on approvals, installation and time to energy production was perfect. All expectations were exceeded.

    - V Lauderdale
  • The sales was professional and installation was professional. I loved the products, other companies wanted to use Chinese parts, not you. Thank you so much.

    - D Brown
  • From the beginning to end your team did an outstanding job. Thank you and God bless you all.

    - L Eddingfield
  • This has been one of the best purchasing (leasing) experiences I have had in years. The system is top grade and so were the people. Customer service was unparalleled.

    - Q Yates
  • Any chance of getting the system to generate power at night? Just kidding! It’s a hoot to watch the meter spin backwards :)

    - R Oepicks
  • Delivered what they promised, on time.

    - M Wahl
  • From the moment I called their offices to after the installation follow up has been a pleasure having Sullivan move me into the Solar age!

    - S Dabiri
  • I've been a contractor for 37 years and I know when a company is doing it right. Sullivan did it right.

    - G Smith
  • Pushing a little bit of our beautiful, plentiful San Diego sun into the grid should be as easy as going to the beach, and it was with Sullivan Solar.

    - H Richter
  • Excellent! Provides 110% customer satisfaction. Thank you for going above and beyond to accomidate our needs; very appreciated.

    - A Rorstad
  • The team was the most knowledgeable and professional of the companies we interviewed.

    - J Albarella
  • Absolutely outstanding!!!

    - F Fair
  • There is a reason why they are the leader- seamless installation and integration. All my questions were answered.

    - L Wilton
  • We would highly recommend Sullivan to our friends as they did an amazing and professional job.

    - J Jul
  • Sullivan Solar made our experience in going solar worry free.

    - J Barcellona