Electric Vehicles

Sullivan Solar Power's Electric Vehicle Team is working to revolution transportation in Southern California

In 2011, Sullivan Solar Power's Electric Vehicle Team began working to deploy electric vehicle charging stations at homes, business and municipalities in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County. Since then Sullivan's Electric Vehicle Team has deployed charging stations in numerous private residences and for San Diego State University and the University of California San Diego and several commercial charging stations, such as Pizza Port's new brewery in Carlsbad. Sullivan now provides charging stations for all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles currently available.

Charging your Electric Vehicle with Sullivan Solar Power

Solar Power and Electric Vehicle chargers are the key to significantly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and is the natural evolution of our energy infrastructure. Powering your plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) provides substantial savings over purchasing gas. Consumer incentives are also making the purchase of an electric vehicle and home fast-charging station more affordable and attractive.

Charging a PEV only costs a few cents per mile, versus an average of 20 cents per mile for gasoline per gallon. Since the average American drives less than 40 miles a day, it will cost about $2 - $2.50 a day for electricity (depending on the vehicle).

You can go even cheaper with solar electricity, and know that you are fueling your vehicle with clean energy, as opposed to switching one fossil fuel for another (gasoline for natural gas powered electricity).

Fueling Your Vehicle - Gas Vs. Utility Electricity Vs. Solar Electricity

Gas Powered


Avg. Miles Per Day: 40


Cost per Day: $8.00

Cost per Month: $243.20

Cost per Year: $2,918.40


Avg. Cost per Mile: $0.20

Utility Electricity Powered


Avg. Miles Per Day: 40


Cost per Day: $2.51

Cost per Month: $76.30

Cost per Year: $915.60


Avg. Cost per Mile: $0.06

Solar Electricity Powered


Avg. Miles Per Day: 40


Cost per Day: $1.48

Cost per Month: $44.99

Cost per Year: $539.90


Avg. Cost per Mile: $0.04

*Figures are based on an assumption of $4 per gallon gasoline and $0.20 per kWh average electricity rate

The average commuter will be saving about $2,000 per year in fuel costs by switching to a electric powered vehicle.

If you charge your electric vehicle with solar power, you save an additional 40% off the average utility electricity rate. It costs about $0.20 per mile to fuel the typical gas-powered vehicle ($4 per gallon), while it only costs $0.06 per mile to fuel the typical electric vehicle ($1.20 per gallon).

This is why thousands of homeowners with electric vehicles have installed solar energy systems to charge their vehicles, and often times the rest of their home as well. If you have solar on your house, great! If you are still driving a car using technology from the last century (gas), sell that relic in an move into the future with an EV! Solar charging stations offer a blend of economic and environmental benefits that have a positive impact everyday!

Why Go with an Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

If the savings you realize from abandoning middle east oil isn't justification enough, EV's are better performing cars, period. Driving an electric vehicle can be described as being akin to time travel. You turn the car on and all you hear is the futuristic sound of the batteries surging on. Welcome to your Earth spaceship! Step on the "gas" (we call them accelerators) and you feel the torque immediately. This is no golf cart! These things move! Don't believe it? Go test drive one.

People always express concern over how far EV's can go without much thought to how much the average American drives each day. Strictly electric vehicles vary in ranges. For example, the Nissan Leaf has a range of about 80 miles, whereas Tesla's brand new Model X goes 300 miles on a single charge. The reality is most EV's provide more than enough range for the average daily commuter who drives 40 miles a day.

Sullivan Solar Power has both plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and strictly electric vehicles in it's fleet. A plug-in hybrid vehicle is the answer for people who have to consistently drive over 80 miles a day because with a plug-in hybrid, the car will use all it's battery power before using gasoline power. For example, Sullivan's Chevy Volt will go 40 miles and then can drive another 260 miles running on it's gas generator. The gas generator is not connected to the drive train, it simply provides electricity to the car's electric motor. The new Cadillac ELR and Ford PHEV's will be similar. With PHEV's, depending on how much you drive, it is conceivable that you may never use any gas if you charge your car regularly. There was a period of time when Sullivan's Chevy Volt didnt go to the gas station for several months! You can enjoy that freedom too with a PHEV while knowing that if you need to make a long road trip, you can!

Electric Vehicles Available Today

Sullivan's Electric Vehicle Team has installed EV Charging stations for the following car types. We sell and install Bosch, Blink, Siemens, and Aerovironment Level 2, 240V chargers

Electric Vehicles Available Soon

Sullivan's Electric Vehicle Team will be providing chargers for the following electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles in the near future

Contact us before your car is delivered so we can get your home or business prepared for your car of the future!

For more information on solar energy for your electric vehicle and home, please contact Sullivan Solar Power at 1-800-SULLIVAN.


I traded in an SUV for an electric focus in 2013. It worked so well I traded in my other truck for a 2nd Ford EV in 2014. Now days when a hauling need comes up I get a $19.95 U-Haul. My next project was to put solar panels on my roof. Now I pay a $150 per month for all my home electricity, and all my EV power!!! . It's not free, but it is a money-saving combination. Don't ask me what gas prices are, I have not been to the gas station in over a year. (Jiffy Lube misses me too :-) Larry

Larry Fisher

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mr. Weisman, my name is Michael Curcie and I am a Project Developer at Sullivan Solar Power. In regards to the question you posted on our site; you should be able to provide enough power on a 2 car garage to account for an electric vehicle. There are several factors that can modify this answer though. I would love to discuss this more with you. Please let me know how to best contact you to provide more details.

Michael Curcie

Monday, September 29, 2014

I have a BMW i3 with the DC charging option. I am asking of the possibility of charging my car directly with the DC from solar panels without the double conversion of solar panel DC to AC by the inverter and then back to DC by the onboard charger. I Have sent this enquiry to BMW concierge as well. I believe this is possible with an off the grid battery system, but this would not be more earth friendly efficient overall. Thank you. Jim

James Renn

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We have a Tesla S 85. Our garage is not attached to our condo. Would a solar installation on the top of a 2 car garage be sufficient to provide for charging our car?

morton weisman

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello, I am looking for information about potentially having a solar panel on the roof of an electric car with a battery inside. Has that been done?


Monday, August 11, 2014

My Prius, with many innovations, some I created and some others created gets 60 MPG, so if you do the math, the 60 MPG Prius, is $0.07 per mile. Now, for all the readers, my Prius, gets much more, throughout the drive time percentages, obviously 99.9 is the highest, which is 30% of drive time but your readers want to know the worst, around 60 MPG. Hyper Miling should be taught to all Prius owners, the use of "Pulse and Glide" and other catalyst, throughout the Vehicle, will give more important Zero Emissions and Ultra High MPG, with improvement to performance. Energy Saving Tires are required as other US and International PATENTs, high MPG is not FREE!

Mark G Cooper

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why do you not list the (Mercedes) Smart plug-in electric vehicle? I now have one of these and am very happy with it. I am not interested in a wired charging station. Please provide information on a solar charging station that can be purchased TODAY. Thank you.

Ed Goodwillie

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stefanie, I received your [post] from our website. As for installing a charging station in a rental home. Yes you can do it but you would need permission from the homeowner before doing so. Reasoning is because the charging station will be installed through the wall and will be adding a breaker in the main service panel. For the most part, homeowners have been ok with renters adding stations, but it would depend on the homeowner. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, EVSE Manager

Kyle Goedert

Monday, March 31, 2014

I will be renting a home in California and is like a solar panel electric car station. Is this something you can typically set up at a rental house? Thanks!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Can I charge my electric car from solar panels? That would mean I'm literally powering my car from the sun right? Am I the only one to see the beauty in this?


Friday, August 16, 2013

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