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Hints of what’s to come drop like autumn leaves; the warm morning sun arrives late, the way cold air feels crisp on the nose, the smell of fireplaces drifting through the evening air. The pace of life slows slightly and the heart looks to friends and family for solace. Waking to the rich aromas of Thanksgiving feasts, a visitor quietly prepares to return. Even with signs all around, Winter has once again snuck up on us.

Since the dawn of humankind, winter has been the time to come in from the fields and hunker down with loved ones until the spring thaw. A bountiful summer harvest affords a comfortable winter and the privilege of providing something extra for those in need during the cold months.

The annual Sullivan Solar Power Christmas party is a celebration of friendship among employees and family members, recognition of those who stand out – and most important, opportunity to give back to the community that makes it all possible. In gratitude for this year’s bountiful harvest, a mountain of toys was donated to Toys for Tots from the Sullivan Solar Power team. The experience drew everyone closer and was a reminder of all to be thankful for.

The evening was once again held at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. Food and drink for everyone, pictures, awards… a wonderful time for all. A special honor went to two heroes who put a fire out at a house near a jobsite. Daniel Sullivan gave an inspirational speech and welcomed the new year ahead and thanked everyone for their continued hard work and dedication. The evening concluded with full bellies, big smiles, and warm hugs.

Soon after Winter’s last presents are unwrapped, Spring arrives bearing gifts of rebirth, flora and fauna. The sun comes early and crisp mornings give way to warm breezes and open windows. The pace of life quickens and thoughts turn to the summer harvest. With winter a fading memory, it’s important to remember giving to those in need is not seasonal. Work a little harder, set a little aside, and lend a helping hand at every opportunity for those less fortunate no matter the time of year.

All of us at Sullivan Solar Power want to thank all of you for supporting us. None of this would be possible without our loyal customers and community. We look forward to working with you towards achieving a clean energy future. From our hearts, we wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and another year of health and happiness.

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