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Sullivan Solar Power seems to double in size every time I turn my back. This came to my attention long before coming on board; the occasional bright yellow Sullivan truck sighting turning into a weekly occurrence, the name Sullivan exchanged whenever talk of installing solar came up between neighbors, and the deluge of media attention Sullivan has enjoyed since establishing itself as a well of employment in an otherwise dry landscape. If you are hiring in this economy, you are a media darling - and deserve to be so.

Despite its rapid growth, Sullivan Solar Power is not evolving towards a bureaucratic monstrosity; evolving isn't the appropriate word - devolving (thanks Mark Mothersbaugh). Devolving into a rigid corporate framework can be the death knell for a company in this nascent and competitive industry. There is no one-size-fits-all in solar; one client's needs can vary dramatically from another's, as can the permitting and incentive structures of the communities they live in. This is where Sullivan excels. "That's not my job" does not exist. Drawn out decisions by committee do not exist. The tenured fossil refusing to adapt to a better system "because I've always done it this way" does not work here. Who does work here? You, when you had that job you loved and were great at it. The Sullivan workplace is full of life and energy, buzzing with (mostly) young, educated, hard working talent - eager to take on challenges and working towards common goals.

By not losing sight of what has made it successful in the past, Sullivan Solar Power has positioned itself to be a major player in the solar space moving forward. In fact, it already is. Sullivan Solar Power has the most installations in SDG&E territory - which is no small accomplishment considering a population of 3,095,313 and an area larger than the combined states of Rhode Island and Delaware. With a fearless leader at the helm and eager crew on deck, the sky's the limit for Sullivan Solar Power.

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