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The solar power industry is a fast-paced, quickly-evolving environment. Although the American public is no stranger to solar power technology, most have been using solar calculators and exterior lighting for years, using it to power a home is perceived to be an expensive and complicated investment. Misconceptions that solar is too expensive for the average homeowner is common and damages the industry, but perceptions that a solar panel system installation is complex is generally accurate and should remain so for the protection of the consumer. A proper installation can be the difference between the homeowner reaping financial benefits for many years, or the source of constant problems.

So how does a homeowner looking to go solar decide which installation firm to go with? Unless they are an electrician, designer, roofer and all other trades required in an installation, they simply cannot understand the entire process. If they cannot find a solar installation firm they trust, they will generally not move forward.

As social beings, we learn early on that trust is both a tool and a currency. As a tool we use it to make decisions from finance to friendship and it is traded among peers as a currency that can gain or lose value. If a friend's restaurant recommendation disappoints, their trust becomes devalued.

It is no different for a brand. People are highly likely to recommend, use frequently, try new products, and be willing to pay more for products and services of a brand they trust. The nascent solar power industry has yet to declare any winners in this space however. Most prospective solar power customers have few, if any, peers having installed solar to borrow trust from - and most would struggle to name 3 solar installation brands.

Sullivan Solar Power is beginning to emerge as a leader in trust, but it has been a difficult journey. Gaining trust is a long-term goal easily derailed by marketing gimmicks, bad customer service, cheap panels and unqualified installation teams. Cutting corners at the expense of the consumer is the enemy of trust. Peer referrals are becoming a major source of prospective customers for Sullivan Solar Power - this is a direct measurement of customer satisfaction and trust in the brand. Sullivan Solar Power has over 1,000 installations, zero complaints with the BBB, uses products manufactured in the United States, and all installers are certified electricians. It is qualities such as these that separate trusted brands from those that fade into the background.

We at Sullivan Solar Power encourage you to find a solar firm you trust. Speak to sales staff, search the internet for reviews, ask your neighbors, get multiple bids. Solar power systems are a significant and long-term investment and it is important you feel good about your decision.

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