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My Moms iPhone 5s

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So I'm one of the people who got up in the middle of the night and waited in line to spend hundreds of dollars on a device similar to the one already in my pocket. I suppose people on the East Coast beat me by a few hours, but on the West Coast I was one of the very first to get my sleepy hands on the new iPhone 5s.

To the right is a pic of me in line. I used the free time to work on a top-secret Sullivan Solar Power app. I don't say that lightly; it's so top-secret that the device stays hidden in the cardboard box you see next to my laptop. A cable runs from my laptop into the box, sort of an umbilical cord to deploy code. Because I can't see the device's screen in the box, the display is ported over to the phone screen you see next to my touchpad. Trust me, you want to stay tuned for future blogs and articles to find out what's in the box. It is a prototype not available to the public, not for sale, and you have never seen one in person – yet.

Photo of laptop and smart phone connected to an unknown device inside a box

Back to the iPhone.

All IT Managers/Directors should be this passionate; if you don't find yourself waiting in line at 3am or staying up all night playing with some new technology at least once a year, you are in the wrong field. There are programs on my computer I know better than to run without ensuring the next 12 hours of my life can be railroaded.

You are almost certainly expecting a dramatic unboxing and riveting review on the new phone to follow: not going to happen. I am disappointed to say they would only sell me one phone this morning, and it's going to my mom. The phone sits at my desk, as I type this, still in the package.

Photo of boxed iPhone 5s

Why? Because my mom is upgrading from the most basic, no data, years old, flip-phone – to an iPhone 5s. That is a thousand times more exciting than me getting it; I already have an iPhone albeit the last model. She has never even sent a text message and is going to dive head-first to the world of smart devices with this phone. Quite a splash it will make.

She came to me a few months back and said she wanted a smart phone; everyone has their reason, hers was to keep up with photos and communication with grandkids. My nephew is about 5 years old and uses Facetime. I'm sure his younger sister knows Objective C and has a Princess app in beta. Grandma doesn't want to get left behind.

Android or iPhone she asked me. I said either would be fine, but the iPhone is probably better for a beginner, and most of the people she wants to communicate with also use Apple. The iPhone's UI is a little more tightened down and consistent. I feel like Androids are more of an aggregate of user experience design by different authors.

So my mom, of all people, will have an iPhone 5s on the day it was released.

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