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If you are a reader of the San Diego Union-Tribune, you woke up last Friday to find a front-page article about the San Diego region nearing the solar power net metering cap, featuring insights and analysis by our president and founder Daniel Sullivan.

The article, written by U-T staff writer Rob Nikolewski, discussed how new and more expensive rules for San Diego solar power customers are about to go into effect. The new rules, called Net Metering 2.0, mean new solar customers will pay a bit more in the form of one-time connection fees and other charges as part of going solar.

Photo of two electricians mounting solar panel to racking on rooftop

However, as the article noted, going solar still represents an attractive and cost-effective alternative to staying with San Diego Gas & Electric.

“While it’s not as attractive as it was under the old rules, it is still more attractive than sticking with the utility and paying hundreds of dollars per month in perpetuity,” Sullivan told the U-T.

As Sullivan told the paper, solar power systems help support the region’s electricity grid by helping reduce strain on the grid by providing solar-powered energy during the heat of the day when it’s most needed.

San Diego is expected to be the first region in the state to reach the solar cap, with about 8.2 megawatts of power remaining to be installed before the new solar power rules are triggered to go into effect. It is anticipated that with all the new solar power systems coming on line every day that San Diego will hit the net metering cap in the coming days or week.

Others parts of Southern California and the rest of the state which are served by Southern California Edison or other utilities are expected to reach the cap later this year, prompting changes to solar power rates and fees in those areas.

Read the full U-T article.

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