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Sullivan and La Mesa Work Towards Developing Climate Action Plan

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The city of La Mesa held a Joint Special Meeting on Wednesday August 3rd with the Environmental Sustainability Commission and the La Mesa Planning Commission examining “Community Choice Energy.”

Sullivan Solar Power participated in the meeting highlighting the role that rooftop solar can play in supporting communities in the quest for energy independence. Attorney Ty Tosdal presented on the expanding options for energy services and outlined how community projects, which often utilize solar energy, are competitive with rates from the utility and often lower than these rates.

Photo of audience at discusssion regarding La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan

The presentation highlighted the benefits of breaking free from the utility which can provide significant energy savings, price stability, consumer choice and competiveness in the energy industry.

“Community energy projects have kept money in the community that would have otherwise left,” Tosdal said. “Utilities are concerned that they will lose their monopoly, it is concerning for them.”

This meeting was associated with the development of La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan, which is intended to cover emission reductions from all sources including transportation, public operations, residences and businesses. It is anticipated that La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan could replicate the 100% clean energy target set by the city of San Diego, bringing with it economy wide benefits such as green jobs and energy independence.

Also in attendance at the event were members of San Diego 350 and Climate Action Campaign, organizations committed to safeguarding the environment and supporting sustainability within the community. In preparing the Climate Action Plan, the city welcomes input from La Mesa residents, employees and businesses to help better understand the level of support required for different types of reduction strategies.

Sullivan Solar Power is committed to establishing solar communities and are proud to work in conjunction with the city of La Mesa, its’ residents and environmental organizations to make this vision of a cleaner energy future a reality.

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