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Sullivan Keeps Its Promise to NEM 1.0 Customers

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California Assembly Bill 327 determined that net energy metering in its current form, known as Net Energy Metering (NEM) 1.0, would end when five percent of an investor-owned utility’s peak power is generated from renewable energy sources.

San Diego surpassed this milestone at 8.30am on June 28, 2016, representing a momentous occasion for solar energy. Our region was the first in the state to prove the power of solar, beating other regions including the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to this major milestone.

While much uncertainty existed regarding the exact date the cap would be reached, Sullivan Solar Power are proud to announce that each customer who signed up for solar with the desire of receiving NEM 1.0 have had their system installed and powered on within the cap.

Sullivan Solar Power Delivers

Our very last installation under NEM 1.0 was for the Hummel family from Poway. Mr. and Mrs. Hummel commended the professionalism and commitment of their project manager Anthony Burt in ensuring that the project was completed within the deadline.

“Anthony went above and beyond the standards to make sure that the project went smoothly at every stage, he was a pleasure to work with,” said Mr. Hummel. “We are so excited to have gone solar and having made the NEM 1.0 cap has made it even more special. All credit must go to the Sullivan Solar Power team who had their crew on overtime to ensure that the project was delivered on time.”

A combination of strategic planning, perseverance and dedication from Sullivan Solar Power employees who worked both day and night for the previous number of weeks ensured that each customer who signed up with the intention of receiving NEM 1.0 successfully made the deadline.

The Revolution Continues

NEM 1.0 customers have saved millions of dollars in costs that would otherwise been spent on fossil fuels and while the completion of NEM 1.0 signifies the end of an era for solar energy it also represents the beginning of a new and bright future for solar with the introduction of NEM 2.0.

Sullivan Solar Power has used our expertise to uncover a simple solution that can make the new rates and rules work for you. It is Sullivan Solar Power's ambition to continue this revolution and provide our future NEM 2.0 customers the financial savings they deserve from solar energy so that they too can use their savings for the important things in life.

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