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Why I Invested in Solar, San Diego and Sullivan Solar Power

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Growing up on the Western Coast of Ireland, I spent my childhood exploring the vast expanses of rolling green hills and rivers brimming with wild salmon. These experiences gave me an appreciation for our natural environment and motivated my desire to protect it for future generations to also relish.

Despite the appeal of the Western Coast of Ireland, my home was just five miles from our country’s largest polluting coal-fueled power plant. Not just an eyesore for the region, the power plant has been linked with an increasing number of illnesses in nearby communities. As the country’s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, the plant is responsible for environmental destruction in an area whose tourism industry is reliant on our distinctive biodiversity and green landscapes. In addition, the coal that fuels the plant is sourced from overseas, resulting in millions of dollars leaving the Irish economy each year.

The paradox of growing up in an area renowned for its green environment, yet home to the nation’s largest polluter, made me question if there is a better way to generate our electricity. In Ireland, we have a wealth of potential for renewable energy. Ireland has one of the highest resources of any European country for wind and wave power and despite the belief that Ireland is generally cloudy, we have an excellent sun resource for solar power. However, we have not embraced these opportunities to their full potential. In order to protect the gift that is Ireland's environment, I made it my objective to deliver solutions that result in better ways of generating our energy.

As a first step, I became educated on the solutions that existed by putting myself through university and earning an undergraduate degree in renewable energy and a master’s in environmental policy. This provided me with an insight into the benefits that solar power offers, not just environmentally but socially and economically also. Following this, I wanted to gain practical experience in a region that has embraced the opportunities that renewable energy presents.

Having researched extensively, it was clear to me that Southern California was the global leader of the solar industry. The reason Southern California is a leader has less to do with its extensive sunshine and more to do with its people. The progressive and forward thinking nature of the region's communities and businesses, who each day choose to generate their power with clean solar power, is why I chose to invest my career in solar power and in Southern California.

Having decided on solar, the next decision was what company I would invest my career in. In hindsight, I now realize that my decision making process was similar to the decision making process of a homeowner who is researching what solar company to invest their hard-earned dollars in.

First, I wanted to invest my career in a company that had a purpose. Just like my ultimate purpose was to deliver solutions that protected Ireland's environment, it was critical that I was part of a team that desired more than profit.

I also wanted to invest my career in a company that does right by their customers. To change the way the world generates electricity requires people who are satisfied and motivated to become advocates for a better future.

Finally, I wanted to invest my career in a company that would invest their time in me. In order to effectively deliver on a purpose and build advocates, it was essential that I had the opportunity to learn from professionals and was provided extensive training.

In the end, I invested in Sullivan Solar Power because the company has a clear purpose – to change the way this world generates electricity. Sullivan Solar Power is dedicated to turning their customers into devoted solar advocates. They do this by delivering the best service and using the best products. Since I joined this team six months ago, I have undergone the best training the industry has to offer and have the distinction of working alongside the highest qualified professionals in the solar industry.

My career in solar, in Southern California and with Sullivan Solar Power has been highly rewarding. Similar to a homeowner who goes solar, I know that my investment will deliver long-term benefits that are both financially and environmentally rewarding.

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