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Electric Vehicles Could Reduce U.S. Gasoline Demand by a Million Barrels per Day by 2035

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The widespread adoption of electric vehicles is set to accelerate in the next 20 years, bringing with it many advantages, including a reduction in demand for imported fossil fuels, according to a report released earlier this year.

As recently highlighted by Sullivan Solar Power’s founder and president Daniel Sullivan, there are significant global and local impacts resulting from our dependence on fossil fuels for transportation and energy generation. Our dependence on fossil fuels, in addition to the tensions between the corporations and countries that control this commodity, has fueled global conflict over the past century.

It also has resulted in billions of dollars leaving our national economy, impacting our national security and having disastrous environmental and health consequences. With the growth of solar power, fossil fuels’ stranglehold over our communities is declining and based on research, is set to become even weaker in the next 20 years with the growth of electric vehicles.

What will this transportation future look like?

The transition towards sustainable forms of transportation is gaining speed, as highlighted by Sullivan Solar Power employees who have embraced electric vehicles in their commute to and from work. Similar stories are emerging all over the nation as people, businesses and communities are realizing the benefits of electric vehicle transportation. It is estimated that in 2035, electric vehicles could represent 85 percent of all new car sales.

“Movements toward producing more models and brands of electric cars are already underway, and by 2020 consumers will have many more EV options than they do today,” said Prajit Ghosh, the research director and lead author of the report.

Another recent report from Bloomberg outlined that the rapid decline in the cost of building batteries for electric vehicles will make them cheaper than the internal combustion engine in just a few years. In fact, the report estimated that by the 2020s, electric vehicles will beat conventional vehicles on price.

But you do not have to wait to realize the savings that can be realized, since the average cost to drive 100 miles in an electric vehicle is just $3.45 in comparison to a gasoline-fueled vehicle which costs $13.52 for the same journey.

What will be the impact of this transport future?

At a national level, the report identified various scenarios for electric vehicle deployment. Under the ‘base case’ scenario a reduction in U.S. gasoline demand of 350,000 barrels per day is expected. However, under an ‘increased adoption’ scenario, U.S. gasoline demand would be reduced by 1 million barrels per day.

The average U.S. motorist drives 12,000 miles per year, resulting in the consumption of over 480 gallons of gasoline each year, most of which is imported. This results in the flow of money out of the U.S. economy to countries and organizations which are facilitating global conflict and contributes more than 4225 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions each year to an already dangerously warming planet.

How do we get to this transportation future?

The most effective way to break this destructive chain is to generate your own clean solar power and use this clean, renewable energy to fuel your car, breaking free from utilities and gas stations and gaining control of your energy future.

Your solar panels and solar energy power system can be expected to generate power for longer than 25 years, meaning that you are protected from rising gas prices for all that time.

Just one kilowatt hour of solar power can power an electric vehicle for more than three miles. This is where the appeal of solar combined with electric vehicles lies, since a solar energy system can be designed to your specific energy and transportation needs.

While this requires a professional solar power installation company with expertise and experience in the industry, it will result in financial savings worth thousands of dollars. That’s money which stays in the U.S. economy and benefits your local community and environment.

To get more advice on the potential of solar and electric vehicle technology, contact our team of professionals at Sullivan Solar Power.

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