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What Could the United States Learn from Costa Rica?

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Costa Rica is a tiny Central American nation mostly known for lush rain forests, yoga retreats and world-class surfing that has not be overrun by tourists like other spots.

But could the small country have something to teach the United States when it comes to renewable energy?

That was the question posed by a new online article, featuring insights from Sullivan Solar Power President and Founder Daniel Sullivan.

The article, written by staff writer Max Plenke for, touted Costa Rica’s renewable energy model, including wind and solar power. The renewable sources of energy allowed the country to go almost 300 days last year without burning fossil fuels. In August, Costa Rica generated 80 percent of its energy needs from hydropower alone, according to the article.

Sure, with just 4.9 million people covering less than 20,000 square miles, Costa Rica is a fraction of the size of the United States. The U.S., at last count, has nearly 320 million residents and covers 3.8 million square miles.

But as Sullivan noted in the article, solar power is playing an increasingly large role in U.S. efforts to rely more on renewable sources of energy instead of fossil fuels.

"It's feasible to power large facilities like school districts with renewable energy [in San Diego]," Sullivan said in an interview Wednesday. "We just need to get more people understanding that ... putting a solar power system on your home is often half the cost of staying with the utility company.”

Read the full article here.

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