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Welcome To My Blog

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Welcome to my blog,

I am the Director of Government Affairs, and have been working in a policy role for Sullivan Solar (based in San Francisco) since November of 2012. The policy environment is constantly changing, which forces us to stay engaged on a number of regulatory and legislative issues at the state and local level. Regardless of the issue our objective is generally the same: to fight for policies that create and support a viable distributed generation solar market in California.

It is truly a historic time for renewable energy policy in California. Two key issues: net metering and rate design, are expected to get landmark decisions within the next 12 months. The outcomes, which will be decided in both Sacramento and at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - will help shape the future of the distributed generation solar in California for decades to come. And given that California is the undisputed leader in renewable energy deployment, the other 49 will be watching closely for the policy precedent that gets set. It's an exciting time to be in my role, and I look forward to blogging about key policy developments in the future.

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