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A Reminder Why Solar and Alternative Energy is an Important Tool to Combat Terrorism

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In 2004 Sullivan Solar Power came into being as a reaction to the turmoil around the world and within the United States caused by our Federal government moving to secure and protect "our strategic national interests". I was appalled as I watched our country beat the war drum under false pretense in 2001 and 2002 culminating with the invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. One year later, Sullivan Solar Power was founded with the purpose of incrementally revolutionizing the way this region generates and uses energy. My motivation for starting a solar firm was multifaceted but recently one reason is as relevant as ever; to stop sending money to unstable rogue entities who control our world's energy supply, a.k.a "our strategic national interests".

Recently much of Iraq has been taken over with brutal force by the terrorist group formally known as ISIS, now know as the Islamic State. This group is funding it's glorified gang-banger escapades in the middle east through the sale of oil from oilfields they seized in both Iraq and Syria. Please read the article for yourself.

Now, why does this matter to us, to you? Do you buy gasoline? Do you buy electricity generated through the burning of fossil fuels? Sure you do. I do too (a little). It is time we stop. We have alternatives available to us. We can power our homes with solar power, we can use electric cars, powered by our solar panels, and we can send those tyrants who only remain in power by selling oil and fossil fuel a loud and clear message, "Good bye, good luck, good riddance."

It is time we stop supporting terrorism indirectly. Its time to turn our back on the energy of the past and embrace our renewable energy future.

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