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Monday morning we arrived at work to find that the month of May 2012 resulted in the most residential solar power developed by Sullivan Solar Power in a single month in its history. As such, this is the most residential solar any company in San Diego has ever developed in a single month. This was not a blue Monday. This was a golden Monday and spirits were high. While we used to fight and scrape to get to 10% market share, this put us at 30% of the residential market share, a position never held by any other firm in San Diego Gas and Electric's territory to date. While this is encouraging and a great accomplishment for our team, it represents much more than that. While I could gloat about how much solar we developed, the truth is our customers should be the ones who are gloating.

With this many people choosing to go solar with a single company it goes to show the market is evolving and a paradigm shift is upon us. I remember when we wouldn't develop this much solar in a given year, let alone a month. This means we have to hire more people, we have to order more materials, we have to get more computers, phones, trucks, uniforms, hardhats, tools, safety gear, more desks, more office space, and order up more health insurance policies for new hires. This means real jobs and real change.

This continued growth is resulting in not only solar electricians getting more work. We will be putting factory workers, engineers, insurance administrators, inspectors, manufacturers, project managers, and field workers to work and the high paying jobs with good benefits are created right here in the United States. As a result of all this solar being deployed our customers are going to save thousands of dollars year after year without spending a dime out of pocket. In doing so they create American jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving national security by reducing the amount of money we export to unstable parts of the world for energy. With the simple choice of going solar our clients are making the world a better place. These people are unwitting saints and this is a major reason why I get out of bed each day.

In this political year people go back and forth about who or what they should vote for and all to often their votes result in some politician getting elected who does nothing to restore manufacturing, nothing to put people to work, nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nothing to reduce foreign fuel imports. It's good to see that our clients are making good on the many campaign promises that have been broken year after year. For this, I salute them and I look forward to saluting more and more of them as we work to revolutionize the way this region produces energy.

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