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Before you continue reading I must warn you that my proofreader rejected this blog and suggested it get thrown into my Junkyard of Failed Blogs. She got about halfway through it before the Real Housewives of Wherever commercial break was over and stopped reading. "I have no idea what you are talking about. Am I supposed to know what 'lead generation' is? It's your turn to make dinner and I'm hungry." She's right, but I get really excited about lead generation and published it anyway.

On Wednesday, something wonderful happened. A day of glory. A new record, personal best, bar that was raised. All those things.

You can make a living at the track. A background in horses, followed in the footsteps of your father, spent years studying... problem is there are more variables at play than can possibly be tracked. One day you're up, one day you're down. Making a career out of this is not about big wins, it's about consistently doing better than the next guy. That being said, there will be days you win big, really big, and it fills every fiber of your being with reward and validation. Lead generation is not unlike betting on horses and Wednesday was one of those days.

On this magical day I started to see leads come in pretty quickly. By mid-morning the number of leads matched the volume usually seen in an entire day. By mid-afternoon it was double. Leads kept rolling in throughout the evening. Much to the dismay of my wife, I spent the evening glued to my email, savoring each lead, drinking it in. When the dust settled, roughly four times the regular volume of leads for a day had poured in. Epic.

I do need to go back and set something straight, however, to justify my own existence if nothing else. Betting on horses is just what it says, "betting" - luck plays a major role. Lead generation is mostly science; evidence-based decision making, analytics... You have control over the outcome to a large degree (if you want to remain employed anyway).

Those of you familiar with analytics software know it takes time to get your data; there would be a ripe, juicy, dataset waiting for me the next day. In the meantime I pondered my lead generation awesomeness. Was the universe finally recognizing my years of hard work and designating me a Lead Generation Jedi Knight? I resized the submit button last week, was that 10 pixels the finger holding back the deluge?

The next day I sliced into the dataset and forensic analysis told me exactly what happened. I am a little disappointed to say it wasn't my awesomeness alone (or resizing the submit button), it was the culmination of effort put forth by many hardworking, dedicated, people across several departments. It was about many strategies all working perfectly together. It reminded me why Sullivan Solar Power is full of happy employees, happy customers, makes 'fastest growing company' lists, ranks in the Inc. 5000, and generally dominates solar power.

I would love to tell you we simply repeated this pattern and enjoy a 4x increase of lead volume every day, but it just doesn't work that way. What was learned Wednesday will inform our decision making moving forward - but tomorrow is a new day and there are more variables at play than can possibly be tracked. Success isn't measured by winning the occasional lead generation jackpot, but by consistently doing better than the next guy.

Want to know what Wednesday's winning strategies were? Read my next blog.

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