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If Only I Had Solar

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Summer will be coming to an end this month, but it seems to be getting warmer as fall gets closer. I’m anticipating the coming season because the current one has been a bit brutal for me. Initially, I’m a Bay Area native, where summers still allow one to wear a hoodie if they so choose. I’m accustom to the cool breeze that rides in from the bay as the California sun burns off any morning fog and shines brighter as the day draws on. Even now as I reminisce, I imagine the air on the back of my neck, but I digress.

As much as I love my hometown in Berkeley, I have enjoyed the beauty of San Diego as I reach my second year of living here. The beaches, the zoo and of course the sun have all played a role in making my time pleasant thus far. However, the soCal sunshine has begun to take a toll on me. I move to and from work, school and home using my own two feet and public transportation, all in the face of the grand star. My new abode is actually in an old building with no air conditioning and I must sleep with the ceiling fan on and the window slightly cracked. When I lay wake, or walk to the bus stop I wonder how nice it must be to have solar.

That’s right; solar. As the heat beats on and I feel myself begin to sweat, I think about the customers Sullivan Solar Power has who testify about how grateful they are to have a solar power system for their homes. I’ve read plenty of quotes and reviews and have directly heard that with an installation comes the option to run the AC all day throughout the summer months. This is said to be done with no worries about what the utility bill will turn out to be as a result of it. I awe at the thought.

There are folks out there right now who power their homes with silicon solar modules. They flip the switch to have cool air running for as long as they please and it won’t affect their bank accounts. I even consider the people who also power their electric cars with home grown energy. Teslas pass me up as I sit and wait for my ride and I think to myself, “whoever is in there is probably not blasting the radio, but rather the AC.” It all must be nice.

Considering that I may stay put in San Diego, I vow that if I’m fortunate enough to purchase a home of my own, it will most definitely be powered by solar. Even if I only have ceiling fans to utilize its energy to cool me. Albeit, for now, I persevere and put above the heat how much I appreciate San Diego. I imagine what it may be like if only I had solar, and with the thought at times, I cool down. It happens to be good enough.

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