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Local Heroes Save Home From Fire

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Sullivan Solar Power installers called to scene by young girl to extinguish house fire

(SANTEE, Calif.) Nov. 21, 2012 – A distressed girl ran out of her Santee home Tuesday screaming, "My house is on fire! My house is on fire!"

Two local solar installers from Sullivan Solar Power, Jesse Romero and Duane Hermann, finishing up a project on River Trail Place in Santee heard her plea and immediately rushed to the scene. The young girl explained that she had called the fire department 10 minutes earlier and the crew was on their way, but she was frantically trying to find help in the meantime. She and her younger sister were looking for a hose and a fire extinguisher.

“When we heard the girl yelling, my colleague immediately grabbed our fire extinguisher from the truck and we ran to the nearby house,” said Duane Hermann, a Sullivan Solar Power installer, “I told the girls to evacuate the home while Jesse turned off the service breaker. I then ran in and extinguished the fire in the very smoky house.”

The bottom of the oven was on fire, and had the potential to spread very quickly, Hermann explained. The girls were looking for a hose to put out the fire with water, which could have been disastrous since they had a gas stove.

Within minutes Hermann and Romero were able to put out the fire. They waited to ensure no flames would not rekindle and then went back to their job site. Fifteen minutes later, the fire department arrived on the scene.

“We install solar every day to help communities declare energy independence and to preserve the environment for future generations,” said Hermann, “It was my pleasure to help this family in need today, going beyond my job scope to make the girls feel at ease while putting out a fire that could have easily gotten out of control.”

While this isn’t something Hermann or Romero typically experience, helping this family in need is an experience they will remember.

“I knew my guys were hard workers, but I didn’t realize they were heroes too,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, “I’m proud Jesse and Duane are on our team.”

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