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Milestone Moments: My One Year Anniversary

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I have been with Sullivan Solar Power for a year as of yesterday. It was then, within one of my busy hours that I took the time to reflect. In 10 minutes I recalled my first moments, training, learned skills, new faces that have become familiar, trips, events and more.

I knew close to nothing about solar power before I was hired. Besides what one may find on calculators, my earliest memory regarding solar is one from my childhood. I remember when my next door neighbor installed panels on her rooftop. I did not inquire much about it. To be honest, I only cared to continue picking the plums from a tree in her front yard. One day, after I asked about the mess that was left behind due to other renovations, she told me why she went solar as she handed me a bag to collect her plums with. She explained her reason to a careless nine year old the best way she could. To paraphrase, my neighbor claimed that she did not want to pay to light up her home as long as sunlight was free. I looked at the modules that she was using to accomplish this feat and responded by saying that she was talking about forever.

The slight amazement in that moment now seems like a shrug compared to the way I feel about solar today. Apart from that, my gains as a Sullivan Solar Power employee are now many. I began as a tenacious student; a computer science major, worried that I would forget all that I was learning in school if I did not put my skills to use in the real world. I took my job search seriously, dedicating an hour a day to inform companies of my skills. Sullivan Solar Power was the perfect resolve. While I do not remember the description provided by the job posting, I am now an IT assistant who manages the company’s website developments. Additionally, I publish news articles (some being my own), post customer portfolios, perform data entry and comment moderation, fulfill SEO approaches, video record testimonials and handwrite letters to customers. Might I add that I also played a major role in aiding the company obtain NABCEP Company Accreditation, compile the IT department’s monthly newsletter, and have the honor to develop a company application for Google Glass.

My boss has even begun to introduce me as the company’s web master, and acknowledged my accomplishments on a communal level. Before the end of my reflection a mass email he sent out to other Sullivan Solar Power team members hit my inbox. There, I was even reminded of achievements I attained beyond my work hours. I have recently completed my computer information science program and will be receiving my Bachelor’s degree next week.

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Although the journey so far has been full of challenges and obstacles, there has also been a wide variety of chance and opportunity. During my work day I realize from time to time how factual the benefits of solar are. I may have been a skeptic as a kid, but now when I reach out to customers, they are obliged to inform me how they now pay nickels to nothing for electricity. Pleased to hear it, I continue my duties a believer, as I assist the team in changing the way the world thinks about energy. With that, I must affirm, happy anniversary to me.

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