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Rancho Santa Margarita: A Bright Spot for Solar Energy

October 8, 2013

Rancho Santa Margarita property owners have been eager to go solar by signing up for a community-wide outreach program that has been made available to them. Currently, many residents have become a part of this three month initiative that will, collectively, produce more than 80,000 watts of solar power to be installed throughout the area. Sullivan Solar Power, the company credited for this project, has already predicted that due to the attention the program is getting, an additional 125,000 watts of solar power will be arranged to be installed before the end of the program in November.

"My bill averaged at $600 per month. Over a twelve month period we will save- $6,000 a year," said Coto de Caza resident Patty Levin, "Our investment will pay for itself in four and a half years."

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