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SDG&E Rates Increase; Customers Look For Alternatives

October 20, 2013

On September 1, 2013, SDG&E increased their rates by 28.40%. This raise has caused San Diego County residents, like those living in Coronado, to look for an alternative. A Q&A with Sullivan Solar Power's Erica Johnson, provides the many affected by this change with a replacement in energy providers.

"We have an abundance of sunshine in San Diego [over 260 days a year], and taking advantage of that rather than relying on imported fossil fuels is a huge benefit for our economy. As an alternative to utility, solar power reduces our dependence on foreign fossil fuels, so we are able to support our local national economy through local energy. There's no emission, it's a completely clean system, so it creates a sustainable future for our next generation," said Johnson.

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