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Solar Bus Stops Pulling In to Perris

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Waiting for a bus might seem boring, but the bus stops in the city of Perris are about to be full of activity—solar activity.

The city, located in Riverside County, has given the OK to build new, cutting-edge bus shelters that will have solar power, according to a city news release. The six shelters would harness solar energy through rooftop panels to light the bus shelter and power nearby traffic signals. A battery charged with stored energy would provide power at night.

The cost for the project is $75,000. The price tag for each solar power shelter is roughly $17,000, which is the high end for construction of normal bus shelters (the price for these can go as low as $7,000). The project funding comes from a Riverside Transit Agency grant that was awarded to the city of Perris. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring; when the shelters are complete, Perris will be the second Riverside County city to have solar-powered bus stops (the other is Corona).

City Planning Manager Clara Miramontes said in a statement that installing the new shelters helps “promote the city’s goal to go green while providing better transit services to bus riders.” Perris Mayor Daryl Busch added that the city has a longtime commitment to sustainable energy. That includes solar panel installations on carports; aiding the construction of HanesBrands Inc.’s distribution center, a large green building; and being home to buildings that use solar such as the Whirlpool building, and the city’s Emergency Operations Center.

“We continue to follow the path we embarked upon years ago,” Busch said in the release. “We will continue to do what we believe is best for the city of Perris and all our residents.”

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