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Why are leases the way to go for so many Californians?

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More and more California property owners are turning to solar leasing companies to earn some extra cash and help protect the environment.

It's called rooftop solar leasing and here's how it works. A solar power company such as Sullivan Solar Power inspects a property to see whether the location is suitable for solar power generation. The evaluation will determine whether the location provides sufficient sun exposure to support the efficient production of solar power.

By some estimates, 73 percent of California property owners who install photovoltaic solar panels now do so as part of solar leasing arrangements. For many property owners, the ability to go green with solar power without having to shell out thousands of dollars to install the equipment is a more affordable way to go off the grid.

At Sullivan Solar Power, we sell leases from a company called Sunpower.

If the property is found to be suitable for placement of photovoltaic solar panels, the solar equipment is placed on the roof of the commercial or residential building by Sullivan's professional installation crews.

Best of all, property owners pay little or nothing for the solar power equipment installed on the roof of their property. Property owners most often pay an affordable fixed-rate monthly leasing fee to the solar power company in exchange for leasing the equipment.

The monthly leasing fee is less than the property owner would pay in utility bills, so the solar leasing arrangement can be a great financial deal in addition to helping the property owner reduce harmful emissions.

While it can be a great deal for property owners, the solar leasing program can also be beneficial for the solar power leasing company. Any excess electricity generated from the solar power equipment installed on the property can be sold by the solar leasing company to the local power utility. There may also be rebates and other financial incentives provided to the solar power leasing company by the city or other local authorities.

To find out if a solar leasing arrangement is right for you and your property, contact Sullivan Solar Power today for a free consultation.

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