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Sullivan Solar Shining at 10-Year Anniversary

Sullivan Solar Power

Sullivan Solar Power has now been in business for ten years. The company's founder and president, Daniel Sullivan, kept his vision alive after first getting a glimpse of it as an electrician back in 2004.

"During my training, I learned about solar power," said Sullivan. "I was dumbfounded that this technology wasn't everywhere in San Diego county. It's green, it's clean and it doesn't require importing fossil fuels."

With motives to get solar on every rooftop in their realm of influence, Daniel and his team set out to accomplish this goal by educting the community.

"When we started the company 10 years ago, solar energy was a novel idea," said Sullivan, "but one that most people didn't understand or trust. Now in almost every neighborhood, there's at least one house with solar panels."

"We believe that solar sells itself," said Sullivan. "You just need to educate people about it."

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