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When Chanel Went Solar

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I was not always into fashion, the same way I had little knowledge regarding solar, but as the universe will have it, I have come to appreciate both over the years. When it comes to solar, of course I favor Sullivan Solar Power. Then, there’s no doubt about my obsession with Chanel when considering fashion. It only seems right due to the discovery I made when realizing Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, decided to use solar panels and wind turbines as the backdrop of his Spring 2013 runway show.

Chanel Image

Paris Fashion Week this fall is just now coming to a close. Yesterday the Grand Palais was transformed into “Boulevard Chanel”. This venue remarkably changes with the fashion season. The brand’s Spring 2015 collection was showcased as models put on a feminist march. Lagerfeld approached the question of whether feminists may relate to fashion by having his models present next season’s pieces as they held up signs that read lines like, “Make Fashion Not War,” and “Ladies First.”

Understand that fashion tends to be ever-changing. There’s one trend after the next and although it may seem like a world of its own, the world it exists in has trends as well. There are political ones like the one regarding feminism for which Chanel, as a brand, seems to have said “yes” to. Then there are trends in technology, internationalism, health and the environment; all of which has been recognized in the eyes of my favorite luxury brand.

Regard the images displayed as I back my previous statement. Apart from the show with a solar array runway, by which Lagerfeld stated his reason for it was because, “the wind and sun are free,” there are shows like the following:

Chanel Image
  • The Dubai Cruise Show in May of 2014 where the brand displayed quilted petroleum can bags.
  • July of last year’s Couture week where fashion and “technology” were married.
  • Fashion Week’s Fall 2014 where Lagerfeld played on the theme of consumerism by making the Grand Palais a Chanel supermarket.
  • The Fall 2013 show where the collection made its way around a massive rotating globe within the venue; an acknowledgement of globalization.

So what’s next? Other brands may follow up Chanel by doing something bigger, better or more worldly.However, many know how duplication in fashion is frowned upon. I’m expecting more issues that designers find themselves capable of considering to be brought to light. In the meantime, I choose to dive deeper into fashion in an attempt to discover the ripple effect that one show back in 2012 may have had. People who greatly contribute toward this multibillion dollar industry must have thought twice about solar after the event. It would be nice for my team and I to be at the ready when that trend resurfaces and takes hold.

Chanel Image Chanel Image Chanel Image
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