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Photo of large vertical arrays mounted of side of San Diego City College

Your Trusted Commercial Solar Power Partner

Sullivan Solar Power is one of California’s most experienced commercial, government and military solar power installation companies. We have been entrusted to design, build and monitor large-scale solar systems for the United States Marine Corps, San Diego State University, the University of California, San Diego, San Diego City College, Long Beach City College, Highland Library and Police Station, the Port of San Diego, the Port of Long Beach, and many churches through Southern California.

Our diverse portfolio of commercial clients, ranging from small businesses to the largest corporate and municipal entities, should give you peace of mind that you and your company’s energy future are in good hands.

Aerial photo of large roof mounted solar array at the UCSD School of Medicine

Full-Service Commercial Solar Projects

Our commercial solar power projects include the full range of services your business or organization will need to go solar, including:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Interconnection Arrangement with Utility
  • Incentive Application and Claim Paperwork

We are your solar power solution from concept to completion.

Photo of solar arrays spanning several rooftops forming visual wave-like pattern

Our High-Profile Commercial Solar Projects

Sullivan Solar Power is honored to have been chosen to work on some of the largest solar panel installations in Southern California. The fact that our region’s largest universities, military bases and businesses have chosen us to design, build, install and monitor their solar power systems should give you confidence that we have the experience to handle your solar power project.

Here are some of some of our high-profile commercial solar power projects:

  • University of California, San Diego (multiple sites)
  • San Diego State University (multiple sites)
  • SDG&E (multiple sites)
  • Camp Pendleton (multiple sites)
  • University of California, Irvine
Aerial photo of ground mounted solar arrays in lush scenic field in the foothills of Ojai, California

Top-Quality Commercial Solar Power Products

Sullivan Solar Power installs panels, inverters, racking systems and other solar power components only from North America-based manufacturers who are both financially and socially responsible, such as:

  • Sunpower
  • Kyocera
  • SMA
  • Unirac
  • Panasonic

Our strict product-selection process is a reflection of our dedication to supporting our nation’s economy. We use and install panels, inverters and other solar power components from suppliers that are financially stable, socially responsible and have been in business at least as long as the product warranties they offer.

The quality of the products we install on every commercial solar power job is enhanced by our experienced management team and installation crews. We use union labor from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and install reliable products from manufacturers with a proven track record.

Aerial photo of entire Sullivan Solar Power dressed in company colors waving to camera

Experienced Solar Power Your Company Can Trust

Sullivan Solar Power of California, Inc. (d.b.a. Sullivan Solar Power), is incorporated in California and has been carrying out small residential to large commercial and municipal solar electric installations in Southern California since 2004.

With 115 full-time employees and three offices located in San Diego, Irvine and Riverside, we have the manpower, training and experience to manage all solar projects from concept to completion.

Sullivan Solar Power has experience delivering quality roof-mounted solar systems while the building is occupied and fully operational, including many highly trafficked educational facilities, making us adept at carrying out construction without impacting building operations or production.

Image showing solar energy generated and energy expected graphed over time

Our Solar Power Production Guarantee

Sullivan Solar Power offers an industry-leading production guarantee that provides a money-back guarantee on the system’s energy production for 10 years as well as a production monitoring service for 25 years.

We also maintain rigorous product-selection criteria that mean we use only the best solar panels, inverters and other equipment on every job. Using the best people installing the best products helps us achieve the best possible results for our commercial solar power customers.

If the commercial solar power system we design, build and install on your property does not generate the kilowatt hour production we say it will, we will pay you for any energy lost.

When it comes to the renewable energy our systems produce, we put our money where our mouth is.

energy produced:
29.421 kWh

See how these business owners are saving money and the environment at the same time.

Sullivan Solar Power is one of California’s top producers of commercial, government, and military solar power installations. We have been entrusted to design and build systems for the United States Marines, SDSU, UCSD, San Diego City College, Long Beach City College, multiple police stations, the Port of San Diego, the Port of Long Beach, and many churches through Southern California just to name a few.

See what our customers are saying

"Sullivan Solar Power helped San Diego’s famous Pizza Port Brewing become not only more environmentally-friendly, but save a ton of money on electricity!"

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Gina Marsaglia

Carlsbad, California
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"This was a big, complex project – the process of selecting a solar power contractor was rigorous. Sullivan Solar Power already had a long track record of successful large-scale installations, and was selected based on reputation and experience."

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Port of Long Beach

Long Beach, California
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"Our experience with Sullivan Solar Power has been fantastic - the team that we worked with has been absolutely great. I had thought that solar was new and untested, where in fact everything I received from Sullivan Solar Power and have read has informed me that this is not the way of the future, it's today."

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Neal V. Hitch

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"We had the system installed in September of 2006. My bills originally when I opened this place up were about $1,200 a month. Now my average bill is approximately $52 a month. I’m a very high-level mechanical engineer, I design and build all my mobile lighting systems and trucks and so forth, and generators. Talking to them, they knew what they were talking about."

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Bruce Bebee

Rancho Dominguez, California
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Incentives and Financing


Purchase your solar system and can receive a 30% federal tax credit. Receive a short payback period with long-term returns.


Sullivan Solar Power has a wide variety of finance options from unsecured loans to programs such as PACE, HERO and YGRENE that allow you to pay for solar through your property taxes.


Lock in low fixed monthly payments. We offer the most competitive lease in the industry using SunPower panels.

Purchasing a solar energy system outright is the simplest way to go solar. You get the 30% federal tax credit and the most financial savings over the lifetime of the system. Typically this gives a short-term payback period of 4-7 years with long-term financial savings while still enjoying 20 year inverter and 25 year panel warranties. Our customers who use cash also get discounted pricing and avoid bank fees.


Purchase your solar system and can receive a 30% federal tax credit. Receive a short payback period with long-term returns.


Sullivan Solar Power has a wide variety of finance options from unsecured loans to programs such as PACE, HERO and YGRENE that allow you to pay for solar through your property taxes.


Lock in low fixed monthly payments. We offer the most competitive lease in the industry using SunPower panels.

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Your information will always be kept private. Read more

Ways to Help you Save

Tax Credits

We are experts in getting you every penny of tax credit available.

Finance Options

We have a wide variety of finance options to meet anyone’s individual needs.

Purchase or Lease

We offer both leases and purchases, and will help determine which is best for you.

Simple Steps to Solar Savings

  • Consultation

    Free consultation. Just gathering information? No problem, we're here to answer your questions.

  • Site Visit

    A clean and friendly Project Developer will visit your location and educate you on solar and finance options.

  • Project Management

    A Project Manager will handle permits, paperwork, schedule the installation, and keep you updated.

  • Installation

    A team of licensed electricians will install your system using the highest quality parts and craftsmanship.

  • Savings

    Enjoy your savings while saving the environment! Sailboat? New car? College fund? It’s your choice!

  • Warranty

    We stay with you for the duration of the warranty, and proactively monitor the performance of your system.

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When is my ROI is expected?

The standard solar power system takes just 6 years to pay off! Even shorter in many cases. Imagine that - not only do you start saving money the day your system is installed, but after a few years your power is totally free!


How big of an installation can Sullivan handle?

There is no limit. We have a track record of multiple successful large-scale installations, including utility-scale and military. With nearly 200 employees and union-trained electricians, we’re equipped for any size project.

I’m not ready to move forward, can I just call and get some questions answered?

Of course, we’re happy to answer every question you have, even if you aren’t interested in going solar any time soon.

My business is really small, is solar an option?

The physical size, number of employees, or revenue of your company has little to do with the viability of installing a solar power system, it has much more to do with how much you are paying for electricity now and what tax benefits you can take advantage of.

I don’t own my building, is solar an option?

Absolutely, you don’t have to own your property to install solar and it can be installed with very little modification to the building. Solar systems can be cash-positive from day one, meaning you can get a return on your investment without needing to stay at your location long-term.

Is Sullivan going to be around long enough to service my warranty?

We have been around since 2004 with over 5,000 customers spread across Southern California. We are financially healthy and our commitment is rock-solid. By all measures, we will be around to service every system we install and beyond.

Does Sullivan have the technical expertise to design a large system?

Yes, in fact we have some of the top engineers in the industry. Even our owner is a State Licensed Master Electrician. We are also only the 4th company in the United States to be awarded the level of NABCEP Accredited PV Installation Company!




We use the latest in cutting-edge technology. Our panels are some of the highest efficiency and longest lasting in the industry.



We are among the very few solar companies who proactively monitor the health of your system. If something goes wrong, we’ll know right away and schedule a service.



We don’t cut corners on this often overlooked component of a quality solar power system, we only use inverters designed by the manufacturer to match your system.



Our mounting techniques allow us to install solar systems on almost any type of roof or ground conditions. We don't penetrate your roof so threat of leaks is nearly zero.

Maintenance of your Solar Power System

Occasional washing

Your solar panels will perform best when clean. Several times a year it is a good idea to rinse off your panels with a hose and wash away any dust, dirt and debris.

Watch for shading

Over the average 30 to 50 year lifespan of your panels, it is likely some of your trees will need to be trimmed to avoid casting shade on your solar system.

Inverter space

Make sure to leave some open space around your inverter as it contains electrical components and needs a small amount of ventilation.

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