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Huntington Beach’s Solar Program

Sullivan Solar Power announces a successful Huntington Beach Solar Program which ended with 19 residents leading the Huntington Beach solar revolution. The program closed with a total of 126,263 watts of clean energy to be installed. Sullivan Solar Power is paying community participants more than $40,000 cash-back payments.

Huntington Beach's Solar Program has ended, but due to its overwhelming success, deep discounts on solar are still available through Sullivan Solar Power in the Huntington Beach community

Testimonials from Huntington Solar Program participants:

"We've wanted to go solar for a long time, but we never found the right offer. The Huntington Beach Solar Program was the right fit," said Bob Hoxsie.

"Our electric bill was constantly pushing into the upper tiers of the SCE pricing matrix. We went solar could reduce our cost of electricity and protect ourselves from future rate increases. We chose Sullivan because of their great references and their community cash-back incentive." Huntington Beach Solar Program participant Patrick Brenden.

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Huntington Beach Independent:

Launched April 2012, this Program was created to encourage the creation of a strong solar community within the City of Huntington Beach. Participants were able to go solar for $0 upfront. In order to create a critical mass, residential and commercial property owners who partook received substantial cash-back incentives that were greater than the state rebate.

The average system for a home is 4,000 Watts. Those who signed up in the first phase of the program, the initial 50,000 Watts, or roughly 12 homes, received a payment equal to 7% of the contract amount in the form of a check after installations were completed. Once Huntington Beach residents reached the first milestone of 50,000 Watts, the cash-back incentive was reduced. The next 50,000 Watts of Huntington Beach solar adopters reached the second phase of incentives at 5% after their systems were installed. At 100,000 Watts sold, the cash-back incentive was reduced again to 3% for the third phase. Once Huntington Beach residents committed to install 200,000 Watts, all participants received an additional 3% in cash-back incentives.

To be qualified for Huntington Beach’s Solar Program, there was the requirement of signing a contract with Sullivan Solar Power by 11:59 pm on July 30, 2011 and individuals, who signed up promptly, banked the maximum amount available. They could get solar for zero dollars down through submitting an application for an unsecured loan via the Huntington Beach Solar Program. Sullivan Solar Power would communicate with them then offer a free consultation and customized proposal for their residence or business. Help your community, your planet, your neighbor and yourself - Spread the word!

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