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Mission Viejo Solar Program

The Mission Viejo Solar Program was received well by residents. The program began in early 2013 and ended June 16, 2013. As a result of the program, over 91 kW of clean renewable energy was committed by residents.

"We are really happy to see that so many Mission Viejo residents took part in the Mission Viejo Solar Program. With the financing, lease, and cash options available to go solar as well as the cash incentive the program offers for going solar, it really is a no brainer," said Daniel Sullivan, founder and President of Sullivan Solar Power. "People are getting paid to save money every month. This is our version of a stimulus program, and it works."

On account of the program, 16 Mission Viejo residents signed up through the limited Mission Viejo Solar Program. During the course of the program, our solar team took pride in informing the area about solar technology, state incentives and federal rebates. The Mission Viejo Solar Program will be instilling more than $32,900 back into the community through the Program. Mission Viejo has a sunny future through clean renewable energy supplies.

Testimonials from Mission Viejo Solar Program participants:

"Two simple reasons: Lower Energy Costs (Energy Independence) and a no-brainer investment decision (the investment pays for itself in 5 years & roughly 15% return on investment year for year for the life of the system)."

- Mission Viejo resident Prithpal Bhogill

"The certainty that the cost of electricity will increase. This is important for retirees on a fixed income. We chose to go with Sullivan Solar Power because their reputation was verified through Angie's List."

- Mission Viejo resident Jim Richie

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