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Orange Solar Program

Sullivan Solar Power announces a successful Orange Solar Program which had 16 residents leading the Orange and Villa Park solar revolution. The program closed with a total of 107,924 watts of clean energy to be installed. Sullivan Solar Power is paying community participants more than $40,000 cash-back payments.

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Commenced August 2012, this Program was designed to inspire the establishment of a fervent solar community within the City of Orange and Villa Park. Applicants were able to go solar for $0 upfront. So as to produce a significant amount, residential property owners who participated obtained considerable cash-back incentives that were exceeding the state rebate.

The average system for a home is 4,280 watts. Those who signed up in the first phase of the program, the initial 50,000 watts, or roughly 12 homes, received a payment of up to $2,000 towards the contract amount or could be received in the form of a check 90 days after installation was completed. Once Orange and Villa Park residents reached the first milestone of 50,000 watts, the cash-back incentive was reduced. The next 50,000 watts of the Program where solar adopters reached the second phase of incentives they could receive up to $1,500 cash-back. At 100,000 watts sold, the cash-back incentive was reduced again to $1,000 cash-back for the third and final phase.

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