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San Diego Solar Experience

The San Diego Solar Experience has featured hundreds of events since launching in 2017 to help Southern Californians navigate the solar energy and battery storage industry. These events are in response to the growing demand for independent and accurate information for homeowners seeking to take control of their electricity bill, increase energy savings, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Event Videos and Testimonials

“I liked that today was educational and not a sales pitch. We learned the different ways consumers can get solar through leasing, loan or cash outright, showing the benefits to each method.” Crystal C.

“If you are interested in a solar system of your own, there is nothing better than sitting down with homeowners who have had solar for a few years. They provided information we wouldn't have thought of on our own.” Joe M.

“Pretty much anywhere you go there is the pressure to buy something. And just having someone available to answer your questions without pushing you to purchase is comfortable.” Maymie N.

What You Will Learn

  • How solar works
  • Solar+storage integration
  • How to choose a trusted solar provider
  • Community Choice Energy
  • Financing options and Incentives
  • Time-of-use rates
  • Pairing electric vehicles with solar+storage

Our Partners

These free, educational events are supported by the region’s leading energy, climate, transportation and workforce experts to offer well rounded, unbiased information.

“It's more important than ever to empower families with the freedom of clean energy and clean air.”

Nicole Capretz, Executive Director
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San Diego Solar Experience Kickoff Event

Due to unforeseen circumstances the San Diego Solar Experience Kickoff Event this Saturday, February 8, 2020, has been canceled.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will keep you informed of a rescheduled date. If you are interested in pursuing solar for your home and would like a personal consultation, please call 1-800 Sullivan. Check back soon for future events.


If you are unable to attend an event but are ready to take the next steps to go solar, call us at 1-800-Sullivan to schedule a free site evaluation with an energy certified project developer.