Sullivan Solar Power's Philanthropic Work And Community Outreach Programs

Sullivan Solar Power Gives Back

Sullivan Solar Power, a leading California renewable energy company, has an environmentally sustainable business model that allows property owners to declare energy independence and save money on the high costs of electricity. Sullivan Solar Power purchases local products to support the national economy, and all members make fair living wages. Aside from the company being ran by Daniel Sullivan in the most responsible manner possible, the company also gives back to the local communities that we serve.

Free Solar Panels for Low-Income Families

Initially started in fall 2011, Sullivan Solar Power began partnering with GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit organization that brings solar power and job training to underserved communities. A partnership in the City of Chula Vista served as a beta, before solidifying a yearlong partnership with GRID Alternatives throughout Southern California in 2013.

Sullivan and GRID celebrate solar installation in front of Chula Vista home

For each new property that goes solar with Sullivan Solar Power, the company will donate one locally manufactured solar panel to GRID Alternatives. It is anticipated that 90 low-income households will receive free Southern California solar panel installations through this newly established partnership.

“We launched this yearlong partnership with GRID Alternatives so that homeowners that need solar energy the most will benefit from the financial savings that the technology offers,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president Sullivan Solar Power.

This large partnership will benefit all of Southern California with panels being donated to Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

The launch of the partnership was celebrated throughout several counties with elected officials, volunteers, solar industry and families coming together. Panel donations from Sullivan Solar Power will be made to GRID Alternatives regional offices serving San Diego, Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. Sullivan Solar Power expects over 1,000 solar panels to be donated over the course of the one-year partnership.

Group photo of GRID Alternative and Sullivan Solar Power team members


Junior Solar Sprint

Since 2009, Sullivan Solar Power has been supporting local middle schools, teachers and the San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) with the annual Junior Solar Sprint, an event that makes learning about science fun with an innovative solar power scholastic program.

The 4th heat of students release their solar powered vehicles at the starting line

The Junior Solar Sprint is a hands-on educational program that gives students the opportunity to design, build and race their own solar powered model cars. The collaborative initiative allows sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to work in teams and use unlimited ingenuity. Awards are given to winning student teams not only for the fastest speed in the drag race, but also for design and innovation.

“Junior Solar Sprint teaches our local youth in their formative years the potential that solar power represents for our country,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. “It shows teens we can power our vehicles, homes and businesses with the power of the sun. The hope is to inspire these young individuals with education in solar technology but also make it something exciting in the process.”

The Junior Solar Sprint that SDRES has hosted in conjunction with Sullivan Solar Power and the San Diego Electrical Training Center. Locally headquartered Sullivan Solar Power has donated the solar cell kits to power the students' cars for the past four years. The San Diego Electrical Training Center is the location where the event has continued to be held, appropriately so, as San Diego's most qualified electricians get their training at the Center. Sullivan Solar Power worked with members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) to install the rooftop system at the facility which hosts the annual event.

Local science teacher, Elaine Gillum says that she has seen the program change kids' lives. She cited one young man, Alex, who had failed just about every class he'd taken in eighth grade and the previous two years. While "school" classes were tough, the teen could work with his hands. He helped his team construct a wonderful car. Because of Elaine Gillum's observations, the vice principal was able to get the youth student into a high school that has a special construction school and the student is doing terrific as a freshman.

“He literally found something he was good at, for the first time at school, and bloomed,” said Gillum, “For many of the kids construction and building are not something that are a part of their lives. This is the first time some have ever held a screw driver!”

Sullivan Solar Power donates the solar cells that are needed to make the cars possible. If you are interested in putting together a Junior Solar Sprint for your schools, please contact Sullivan Solar Power's Erica Johnson, Director of Community Development department for funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Creating Strong Solar Communities

Since 2009, Sullivan Solar Power has created, managed and administered solar programs to assist cities and regions in reaching their goals with renewable energy in California. The community solar programs have assisted Sullivan Solar Power in its mission of Leading the Solar Energy Revolution, allowing property owners to receive significant financial incentives for their solar projects exclusively from the company. Each program has resulted in the largest collective deployment of solar in the respective community's history. Sullivan Solar Power has paid residents of Southern California over $1.5 million collectively through incentive programs. Programs have been run by Sullivan Solar Power in the following communities:

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