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Surfrider Solar Program

A partnership between Surfrider Foundation San Diego and Sullivan Solar Power.

Surfrider foundation San Diego is teaming up with Sullivan Solar Power to educate members how to run your home and vehicles by the power of the sun. Don't go solar until you learn the facts. Attend quarterly Surfrider solar seminars to learn about latest technologies, battery integration, financing, rebates and more.

For every household who switches to Sullivan Solar Power, $500 will be donated to Surfrider Foundation San Diego.

Event Videos and Testimonials

“I liked that today was educational and not a sales pitch. We learned the different ways consumers can get solar through leasing, loan or cash outright, showing the benefits to each method.” Crystal C.

“If you are interested in a solar system of your own, there is nothing better than sitting down with homeowners who have had solar for a few years. They provided information we wouldn't have thought of on our own.” Joe M.

“Pretty much anywhere you go there is the pressure to buy something. And just having someone available to answer your questions without pushing you to purchase is comfortable.” Maymie N.

What You Will Learn

Attendees of the seminars will learn how solar works, battery storage and integration, policy changes, available incentives, financing options, how to choose a solar provider, new solar rules and more.

Why Our Connection?

Sullivan Solar Power is dedicated to sparking a solar energy revolution across Southern California to change the way we generate electricity and to end our dependence on fossil fuels that harm our land and water.

Through this partnership, more solar will be deployed, reducing the CO2 emissions impacting our ocean, lessening the risk of oil spills and improving our local air quality.

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