Temecula Solar Program

Sullivan Solar Power commenced the Temecula Solar Program in January of 2012 to aid the area in asserting energy independence. The movement brought about the greatest combined distribution of residential solar power in Temecula and in the history of Riverside County. The campaign concluded on April 12, 2012, and it is to no wonder that the latest account led by PV Solar Report presented the new figure of rebate reservations are up 202 percent for 2012.

During the Solar Program, over 50 residents signed up to go solar and committed to install a combined 375,000 watts of clean, renewable, solar power in Temecula. The total amount of incentives being injected into the community from Sullivan Solar Power is over $210,000.

Sullivan will be donating a solar power system to local hero, U.S. Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez, in appreciation of his sacrifice for our country. The solar array will be installed by Sullivan on Cpl. Dominguez' new energy smart home, which is being built by the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Testimonies from Temecula Solar Program participants:

  • "I feel great knowing I am doing my part to help our planet out by utilizing renewable sources of energy rather than fossil fuels. Eventually, we all need to do this. But my reasons are more selfish than that...Federal and State governments are all paying me to do this. Sullivan is the only company out there that is coming out of pocket," said Temecula resident Brett Dalman.    
  • "I had never considered going solar because I thought you had to purchase the solar system. Sullivan Solar Power showed me how you can go solar for $0 down or with a prepaid lease. Going solar makes so much sense financially. Excluding the $8,000 incentive check I'll receive from Sullivan through this program, I will save $217,000 over the next 20 years," said Temecula Solar Program participant, Perry Jensen.
  • "Going solar has done wonders...We went from an average electric bill of $300 a month to $500 a year. It is a no-brainer to go solar when you do the math," said Randy Bush, Temecula resident and Sullivan Solar Power client.
  • "My main reason for going solar was that it was a great investment. I wanted to take advantage of the rebates and incentives while they were still available. The cost of my solar system will be much less than my electric bills. Add in the fact that Sullivan Solar Power is providing nice cash-back incentive for Temecula citizens, it was just too many discounts to ignore," said Temecula teacher and program participant, Gary Gelinas.

For additional information, you can read about the Temecula Solar Program in the Valley News:

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