Sullivan Solar Power and the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego Power Up the Road to Clean Energy Together

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The future looks bright as the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego and Sullivan Solar Power officially partner on the path to clean energy. These organizations recognize the importance of educating San Diegans about the benefits of a clean energy lifestyle and reducing fossil fuel consumption. It only makes sense they join forces on the road to 100 percent clean energy in San Diego, mutually supporting each other’s visions for how we should be generating and using electricity, as transportation and power plant pollution are the top two contributors to carbon dioxide emissions.

The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego (EVAoSD) is a nonprofit organization made up of advocates, educators, and enthusiasts of electric vehicles. EVAoSD provides information about electric vehicles (EVs) on the market, shares their benefits, and provides resources for EV purchasing decisions. In a world where decision making can be challenging due to a vast number of options, EVAoSD strives to make decisions regarding the purchase of an EV easier for those navigating the market.

Sullivan Solar Power and EVAoSD’s missions align in helping San Diego reach its goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. Through this partnership, they will be able to educate each other’s networks about the benefits of pairing solar with EVs by speaking at meetings and seminars as well as participating in their respective community events. In addition, each time a member goes solar with Sullivan Solar Power, they will donate a portion of the sale to EVAoSD.

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"The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego is thrilled to be working with Sullivan Solar Power to educate our community on electric vehicles and solar. Rooftop solar is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy, making it the perfect way to power an electric vehicle," said Tyson Siegele, President of the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego.

Pairing EVs with solar power is truly a match made in heaven. With the price of gasoline rising and electric utility bills on the same trajectory, now is a great time to learn about the ways these expenditures, along with one’s carbon footprint, can be drastically reduced. So how do EVs and solar power work together you may ask?

If a homeowner buys an EV, they can expect an increase of $50 to $75 a month in their electric bill depending on the type of vehicle, the time of day the homeowner charges the vehicle, and their number of miles driven annually. With the cost of electricity rising, that price could increase further and make the homeowner’s electric bill unmanageable. If that same homeowner installed solar, the added cost of the EV to the electric bill would be greatly minimized or even eliminated.

As EVs become more and more popular, solar technology that incorporates EV features has too. Sullivan Solar Power now offers clients the SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter that includes a charging port for an electric vehicle already built-in, making it that much easier for solar customers planning to buy an electric vehicle or those who already own one to charge up. This new technology reduces the hassle and cost of installing a separate piece of equipment and can charge EVs faster than the standard charger. In the coming years, Sullivan Solar Power expects even more advanced solar plus EV technology to be available for homeowners.

"Our mission at Sullivan Solar Power since day one has been to change the way this world generates electricity through rooftop solar and with the increasing popularity and accessibility of electric vehicles, there is no better way to reduce your carbon footprint than pairing electric vehicles with solar," said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. "Partnerships like this are so important in moving forward clean energy practices and we are grateful to be working with the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego." Daniel Sullivan is both professionally and personally an advocate for EV ownership, being an early adopter of the technology with his first EV purchase in 2008.

This exciting partnership will officially kick off on Thursday, September 12 when Sullivan Solar Power speaks at EVAoSD’s monthly meeting at the Center for Sustainable Energy in San Diego. For more information and to register to attend the meeting, visit EVAoSD’s Meetup page.

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