Home Solar Battery

During a blackout, your neighbors may be willing to be left in the dark, but are you? With a Sullivan Solar battery system you don’t have to be.

By going solar, you are taking the first step towards energy independence. However, with a traditional system, you are still dependent on the grid. By utilizing battery storage technology, you can bank the energy you produce for times when you need it most.

During a power outage, the energy stored in your battery can power your home, giving you and your family the security you deserve. Seamless integration means that while your neighbors are searching for flashlights, your family can light the way.

Top Solar Battery Installer — Sullivan Solar Power

Sullivan Solar Power identifies and uses only the highest quality components in its solar installations, which is why we have chosen the LG Chem Lithium Ion battery as the solar battery of choice. When other solar companies advised against solar storage solutions, Sullivan Solar Power was leading the charge. As a result of this forward-thinking mentality, Sullivan Solar Power became the top LG Chem Installer in terms of volume for the entire United States. This in and of itself is a major accomplishment, magnified by the fact that we only service Southern California. LG Chem has recognized Sullivan Solar Power for this impressive accomplishment.

Once the competition caught on that solar energy storage made a great investment better, there was a rush on the battery market. Many other companies could not even get their hands on a single battery to install, much less the quantity needed to be a nationwide leader. Despite the enormous volume, Sullivan Solar Power still has faster turnaround times for installations than some of the National competitors such as Tesla (formerly Solar City). This may seem counter-intuitive when it is considered that Tesla is itself a lithium-ion battery manufacturer. With demand for lithium at all-time highs, a company that requires it across multiple divisions must decide where to prioritize its supply. This has led to speculation that Tesla’s residential solar unit has taken a back seat to its motors division.

Due to our strong relationship with LG Chem, Sullivan Solar Power is able to stay ahead of demand and maintain the quickest battery installation turnaround time in the market.

Solar Battery Storage

The future of solar technology is here today. Energy storage technologies have drastically changed over the past years. Today’s batteries can store more energy, in smaller packages and at lower costs. The need to “wait and see” is over.

The same battery technology that is deployed in over 150,000 electric vehicles can be used to store the power generated from your home solar system. These systems have enough storage capacity to keep your home up and running during a blackout so you can rest assured that your home will stay lit and your family will stay safe.

Solar Battery Savings

During the middle of the day, your system is producing the most power. But for most of us, this is actually the time of day when we use the least. Under most power utilities current time of use structure, this allows solar customers to enjoy a great windfall. The energy companies are well aware of this.

By shifting peak use hours from the middle of the day to the evenings, the utilities are attempting to minimize customer’s savings and maximize their profits. By installing a solar battery, you can fight back. With a solar storage system, you can store the energy you produce during the day, and use it during the evenings, when power is more expensive.

For a much more detailed analysis of how you can take control of your power usage and maximize your savings, we encourage you to read more about how a solar battery will save you money.