Sullivan Solar Power’s History of Supporting SoCal

At Sullivan Solar Power, we know it takes more than completing over 8,000 solar power installations to be considered a quality solar company. For this reason we provide our communities much more than quality solar power systems to make the world a better place. We believe running a successful and profitable business is a means to an end with the end being improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Our commitment to our cause drives us to support quality local and national organizations that are aligned with our purpose. While we believe providing quality solar power systems does make the world a better place, we also believe in being a quality corporate citizens wherever we operate. This is why we continually support given causes or groups. Throughout our history we have contributed several million dollars to both local and national groups who seek to benefit future generations, just like we do. Read on to learn about some of the groups and causes we have supported.

Local War Hero’s Sacrifice Being Honored Through Solar Power

Temecula’s war hero, Cpl. Juan Dominguez, is being honored for his sacrifices serving in the Marines by being given a free solar power system from Sullivan Solar Power. The solar power system will save Cpl. Dominguez and his family $132,226 on electricity costs over the next 20 years.

“When I heard the story of Cpl. Dominguez, I wanted to give back and be a part of the solution,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. “I feel honored to be able to provide Cpl. Dominguez financial relief through solar power while helping him declare energy independence.”

“My wife and I are very grateful for this generous donation from Sullivan Solar Power,” said Cpl. Dominguez.


For over a decade Sullivan Solar Power has been underwriting local outlets of NPR in every territory we service, San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County (KPBS, KPCC, and KVCR). We are proud to support these local outlets which provide news the community can count on to make informed decisions. Sullivan Solar Power was the first solar power installation company to contribute to public broadcasting in Southern California. Since 2007, Sullivan has contributed over $1.5 million in underwriting contributions to support local broadcasting and will continue to do so in an effort to support media integrity for the citizens of Southern California.

American Lung Association

The mission of the American Lung Association is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease, through research, education and advocacy. Since fossil fuel power plants are a major contributor of carcinogenic air pollution and providing quality solar power systems helps eliminate the need for polluting power plants, partnering with the lung association made perfect sense. For a year Sullivan Solar Power donated $100 for every person who signed up to go solar as part of the initiative. As a result Sullivan Solar Power contributed over $70,000 to the American Lung Association to support cancer research and lung health initiatives. In appreciation for Sulivan Solar Power’s efforts to improve our quality of life in Southern California, the American Lung Association honored Daniel Sullivan at their annual Lung Force Gala in 2015.

Grid Alternatives- Free Solar for Low Income Households

Sullivan Solar Power partnered with GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit that brings solar and job training to underserved communities. We donated a solar panel to each GRID Alternatives office for every person who went solar in the County the office serviced. Grid Alternatives, like Sullivan Solar Power, has an office in Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties. The partnership resulted in over 1,000 solar panels being donated across the three regional Grid Alternatives offices which resulted in over 90 low-income households receiving solar power systems for free. Sullivan also donated time and labor to help install some of the donated solar panels. Sullivan’s Director of Community Development now sits on GRID Alternative’s Board to help support the mission of delivering solar to the underprivileged.

“We launched this partnership with GRID Alternatives to help get solar energy to those who need it the most.” - Daniel Sullivan

San Diego Center for Children

In 2016, Sullivan Solar Power helped support the Center for Children, San Diego's oldest and leading nonprofit for children's behavioral healthcare. Sullivan Solar Power kicked off the partnership with a donation of a 10,000-watt solar system to support the nonprofit in its mission to protect the joy of childhood, prevent emotional suffering and incite change in San Diego. In addition, $500 was donated to the Center for Children for every San Diegan who went solar in 2016 with Sullivan Solar Power. At the end of the program over $120,000 was donated to the Center. This partnership not only reduced fossil fuel consumption and improved air quality, but also supported the health and well-being of children and families across the region.

Junior Solar Sprint

Since 2009, Sullivan Solar Power has been supporting schools, teachers and the San Diego Renewable Energy Society with the annual Junior Solar Sprint to inspire young individuals with an education in solar technology.

The Junior Solar Sprint is a program that gives the opportunity to design, build and race solar powered model cars. The initiative allows sixth, seventh and eighth graders to work in teams and use unlimited ingenuity. Awards are given to winning teams not only for the fastest speed in the drag race, but also for design and innovation.

“He found something he was good at and bloomed. For many of the kids, construction and building are not something that are a part of their lives. This is the first time some have ever held a screwdriver!” - Elaine Gillum

Toys for Tots

During the holiday season Sullivan Solar Power employees donate to the “Toys for Tots” charity. The objectives of Toys for Tots are to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable resources – our children. This is achieved by collecting new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distributing these toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children. Sullivan Solar Power is committed to proudly supporting the local community which it serves. As Sullivan Solar Power continues to grow, so do the involvements and contributions back to our local community. In 2016, over 200 new toys were furnished to the program from Sullivan Solar Power employees.

Sullivan Solar Power Sponsors Local Robotics Clubs

Sullivan Solar Power is committed to spreading the message of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math outreach through the Southern California region. To support this Sullivan Solar Power is proudly sponsoring local robotics teams from the Francis Parker School and Poway High School.

The sponsorship from Sullivan Solar Power is used to directly inspire students to pursue education and career paths in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines and to help students solve real world issues through science.

Electronic Recycling To Computers 2 SD Kids

Sullivan Solar Power have committed to supporting Computers 2 SD Kids in their mission to provide equal access to technology for children and families in San Diego by recycling all of our electronic equipment through the organization.

C2SDK is driven to overcome the economic barriers to technology which hinder the growth and development of low-income families and perpetuate poverty. Sullivan Solar Power provide electronic equipment as part of the C2SDK’s Technology Assistance Program who recycle and refurbish used computers and delivers them to the families in need.

Sullivan Solar Power Supporting Local Schools and Universities

We are committed to supporting the development of the future leaders of the clean energy sector.

Sullivan Solar Power Supporting the San Diego Irish Community

As a proud Irishman, Sullivan Solar Power's President and Founder Dan Sullivan supports the Irish Congress of Southern California with yearly donations to and participation in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, the largest event on the west coast.

In addition, Sullivan Solar Power sponsored Irish Night at The Padres this year at Petco Park which had over 600 people from the Irish community in San Diego attend, with Daniel Sullivan throwing the first pitch.

Our Real Impact

When Sullivan Solar Power was founded in 2004, there were less than 100 solar power systems in San Diego, and a couple hundred in Orange and Riverside. Today, there are over 100,000 in San Diego, and over 200,000 across the SCE utility territory. We have worked tirelessly to advocate for the use of renewable energy to displace our irresponsible consumption of imported fossil fuel. We have worked to set and raise the standards in the industry and while educating thousands of people about the merits of embracing renewable energy.

Whether a student at a University, or the future employee of our competitor’s, we have taught everyone in our realm of influence about the benefits of solar power. We are here for a singular purpose, to make the world a better place- We do this by being a quality solar power company; a company committed to our community and the people we serve.