Commercial Solar Installations

Conventional Roof Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial properties with conventional hip type roofs will utilize conventional solar racking where the solar panels are mounted on railing which is mounted approximately six inches from the roof surface and in the same plane as the roof surface. This solar application is what is typically found in a residential solar installation.

Flat Roof Commercial Solar Installations

Most commercial buildings in southern California utilize tilt up poured in place concrete walls which support a flat roof assembly. For these types of structures two types of solar installations are typically used, either a tilt-rack solar installation or a ballasted racking solar installation. For asphalt torch down roofs, a tilt-rack solar application is often times the most cost effective solution. For TPO, or membrane roofing, it is often preferable to utilize a ballasted solar racking solution to minimize or eliminate roof penetrations.

Carport Solar Installations

Carport solar installations have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more organizations have realized converting their parking lots into onsite power plants is a financial sound decision. Carport solar installations have the added benefit of providing employees and visitors with shade for their vehicles and if desired, provided electric vehicle charging stations as well.