What is a Ygrene Assessment?

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Ygrene financing is available to California property owners to help pay for rooftop solar power, energy efficient windows and other green projects designed to increase the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building. The program provides zero money down financing that enables property owners to make energy efficient and water conservation improvements to their homes and businesses.

Ygrene assessment financing is repaid through property taxes over a term you choose.

Ygrene is not considered personal debt, so eligibility is based on property equity, not your credit score. The financing may work well for people at all income levels. For individuals with higher incomes, there are substantial tax savings from using Ygrene financing. For those at lower income levels, the financing provides access to property improvements they might not otherwise be able to afford.

If you sell your home with a Ygrene assessment attached, the payments can be transferred to the new owner. That means you only pay for improvements for as long as you use them.

Ygrene financing is not available in all California cities and communities, so be sure to see if Ygrene financing is available in your community.

Ygrene Fast Facts

With Ygrene financing:

  • Your personal credit score has no impact on funding eligibility or interest rate, since the financing is based on your property equity.
  • Funding is paid back over a long period of time and does not carry a balloon payment.
  • Eligibility is determined quickly.
  • The project debt does not have to be paid off upon sale or transfer of the property.

If you sell or transfer your property with Ygrene financing in place, the tax payment obligation may be transferred along with the property to the new owner. You may even find that your Ygrene improvements increase the appraised value of your property while you own it, since property appraisers recognize energy cost savings in conducting their evaluations.

As long as you own your property, you may also enjoy reduced energy bills as a result of your Ygrene improvements, since they are intended to make your property more energy efficient.

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