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Sullivan Solar Power recently installed Southern California Edison’s first Generation Meter Adapter (GMA) on a 5.8 kilowatt solar-powered home in Irvine. GMAs represent the latest electrical technology that has become available within the last year. The install is the first time one of the devices was ready for use on a solar-powered home in the Southern California Edison (SCE) territory.

GMAs benefit solar power users by eliminating the need to make modifications to their meter panel. Using a GMA can help in reducing the overall cost and time of installing a solar system and result in a safer installation by eliminating the need to enter or modify the electrical service panel.

For those who were previously unable to go solar due to issues with their service panel, the introduction of GMAs in the SCE territory can offer a cost-effective solution.

Sullivan Solar Power project managers have become thoroughly knowledgeable on installing GMAs and were on site throughout the entire installation, working alongside SCE technicians to ensure that the first installation went smoothly.

“It was a great moment of collaboration, where unlikely partners came together for the interest of the homeowner” said Sullivan Solar Power’s Orange County community development manager Selene Lawrence. “Edison representatives and technicians were there as well as the Sullivan Solar Power team, all working together on the installation of the meter.”

Sullivan Solar Power is expertly qualified and experienced in the use of GMAs, having installed the first of its kind in the SCE territory, and can now help customers who want to go solar using this latest technology.

For more information on Generation Meter Adapters, check out this Southern California Edison fact sheet or call Sullivan Solar Power at 1-800-SULLIVAN.

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