Chino Valley Solar Program

Initiated May 31 2013, the Chino Valley Solar Program allowed property owners in Chino and Chino Hills to go solar for no forthright fee and obtain a considerable cash-back incentive. Primary applicants of the program collected the maximum incentive and more than 24 residents were paid to go solar due to this innovative program.

The Chino Valley Solar Program offered property owners the opportunity to receive incentives that are greater than the state rebate, said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, Our team’s vision is to transition the Chino area from foreign fossil fuels and dirty energy to clean, renewable and proven solar technology.

A total of 161,624 watts of clean renewable energy are committed to be installed through the program which is the largest collective deployment of solar in the history of Chino Valley. The Chino Valley Solar Program which was well received by Chino Valley residents came to a close on August 31, 2013.

Testimonials from Chino Valley Solar Program participants:

For Chino resident Elaine Salas and her husband Richard, going solar made sense from an environmental and financial stand point. Living in Southern California means almost year-round sunshine. Why not harness the energy the sun provides and power our home while both reducing our carbon footprint and electric bill? said Salas. Elaine and her husband pay over $200 a month to the utility and are expecting to pay only $150-$200 a year as a result of going solar with Sullivan Solar Power.

Chino Hills resident Kathy Higgins signed up for the program to save money and to be less dependent on Southern California Edison (SCE). Higgins’s neighborhood was involved in the struggle between Hope for the Hills and SCE who was responsible for the construction of massive power lines through the neighborhood. After what Edison did to the neighborhood, I was certain that I wanted to invest in solar rather than putting my money towards destructive power projects, said Higgins, By going solar with Sullivan Solar Power my monthly solar payments will be significantly less than what I was paying to the utility.

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