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San Diego's Best Solar Power Incentive Program

Sullivan Solar Power is proud to announce the launch of the San Diego Solar Program, a lucrative solar power incentive program that rewards cities that collectively purchase power and buy solar-power systems together. Sullivan has offered solar programs for the cities of Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Escondido, Fallbrook, Irvine, Poway. We are now excited to announce the aggressive incentive program is now available for all of San Diego County.

Thie San Diego Solar Program was developed to help the San Diego region achive its renewable energy goals. Participants can go solar and get off the grid for no money upfront and monthly payments that are equal to or less than their current electric bills. Substantial cash-back incentives are offered to eligible participants to encourage residential property owners to go solar.

Incentives offered through the San Diego Solar Program are larger than those currently being offered under the California Solar Initiative rebate program. San Diego County property owners who participate are able to go solar for little or no out-of-pocket expenses and receive cash back. San Diego's Solar Program offers residents the opportunity to get paid to go solar, but the program is limited to 500 participants. It is important to sign up early, as the cash incentives offered through the program will continue to drop until fully exhausted.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the San Diego Solar Program, you must:

1) Reside in San Diego County

2) Own your home

3) Have an electric bill (not including gas) that averages more than $150 per month

Additional Requirements

To qualify for the $0 down financing option, you must have a credit score equal to or greater than 700 according to Transunion or Experian*. You also must sign up to participate before 12/31/12 or before 500 people have signed up, whichever occurs first.

You cannot already have a solar-power system installed on your home and only American Made Sunpower, Kyocera, Schott or Sharp solar panels can be used on your project. You also must sign up with Sullivan Solar Power to have your system installed.

This program provides incentives on a first-come, first-served basis. It is expected that the funding will be exhausted quickly.

*Some applicants may not qualify for financing based on debt to income ratios and other circumstances. Those who wish to purchase their systems with cash or source their own financing can still receive a cash back incentive.

Solar power systems are measured in AC watts. The average system for a home is 5,000 Watts. Those who sign up in the first phase of the program, the initial 500,000 Watts, or roughly 100 homes, will receive a payment equal to $0.50 per Watt up to $2500 in the form of a check 60 days after installation has been completed. Once San Diego County residents reach the first milestone of 500,000 Watts, the cash-back incentive is reduced. The next 1,000,000 Watts of San Diego solar adopters will receive the second phase of incentives at $0.30 per Watt up to $1500 after their systems are installed. At 1,500,000 Watts sold, the cash-back incentive is reduced again to $0.20 per Watt up to $1500. Incentives will only be available for 3,000,000 watts worth of systems, or 500 homes, whichever occurs first

For the average residential solar power system in San Diego County of 5,000 Watts, the incentives will be as follows, depending on the phase in which the participant signs up:

  • Phase 1: $2,500 Cash-Back incentive
  • Phase 2: $1,500 Cash-Back incentive
  • Phase 3: $1,000 Cash-Back incentive

There are incentive caps for each phase. Regardless of system size, the maximum incentive per phase is as follows:

  • Phase 1: $2,500 Cap
  • Phase 2: $1,500 Cap
  • Phase 3: $1,500 Cap

To lock in the incentive level, a homeowner must sign a contract with Sullivan Solar Power during that phase of the program. Funding will be paid out based on the Incentive amounts in which phase the program participant signed up. All payments to program participants will be paid in the form of a check, 60 calendar days after project completion. Interested parties can track the incentives via the incentive tracker.

This is an exciting program for all San Diego residents and it will go a long way to spur addition adoption of renewable energy in our region. Solar power is our future. We are proud to be able to provide this program for San Diego. It is our way of saying, "thank you" for making Sullivan Solar Power the top solar firm in San Diego, year after year.

To learn more, please visit San Diego Solar Program

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