Photo of Fontana Sharp ND-216U2 solar panel installation by Sullivan Solar Power

Fontana Solar Power: A1 Concrete Pumping

Sullivan Solar Power designed, built and installed a solar power system for A1 Concrete Pumping in Fontana. The business services clients throughout the Inland Empire and beyond, so we were happy to help the owners declare energy independence by going solar and breaking away from the rising costs and negative environmental impacts of utility energy. We installed 24 Sunpower solar panels and a single inverter on the asphalt shingle roof of the business. The system is capable of generating 7 kilowatts-AC of power to A1 Concrete Pumping.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

Newer Older
Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
Roof Mounted on Asphalt Shingles
System Size
7 kW