Photo of San Diego Kyocera solar panel installation at the San Diego Center for Children

San Diego Solar Power: San Diego Center for Children

Beyond its mission to bring sustainable energy to San Diego, Sullivan Solar Power's mission includes bettering the community in any way possible. To further this goal, Sullivan Solar partnered with the San Diego Center for Children and donated a 10 KW solar power system to sustainably power the organization's 9 acre Kearny Mesa campus. The project includes 42 individual solar panels and is expected to save the organization over $170,000. The money saved by going solar will now be able to be used to help children in need throughout the County. Additionally, Sullivan Solar Power helped to raise an additional $110,000 in cash to benefit the kids of our community.

We are very grateful to Sullivan Solar Power for their support, not only because of the significant financial contribution, but because Sullivan Solar Power is also helping us become a more sustainable organization, at no cost to the Center.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

Newer Older
Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
Existing Shade Structure
System Size
10 kW