Photo of Spring Valley Kyocera solar panel installation by Sullivan Solar Power at Noah Homes

Spring Valley Solar Power: Noah Homes

For more than 30 years, Noah Homes has been providing a supportive, safe and nurturing place for residents with developmental disabilities. Sullivan Solar Power is proud to have partnered with Noah Homes in 2015 to install a solar energy system at the facility. The 103 kilowatt-AC system we designed, built and installed for the Spring Valley facility is made up of 462 Kyocera solar panels and five inverters to capture and convert the sun's rays into clean, renewable electricity. The solar panels and other components were installed on the roof of the facility, out of sight while helping reduce Noah Homes' carbon footprint.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
Roof Mounted
System Size
101 kW