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Port of Long Beach Solar Power

To adhere to the Green Port Policy, the Port of Long Beach designed its new Maintenance Building to offset a large portion of the energy used. The Green Port Policy establishes baseline evaluations and goals to minimize the Port's environmental footprint. Sullivan Solar Power was awarded the Port of Long Beach project in October of 2012. The racking system was custom made to fit the engineering requirements of the project.Sullivan Solar Power's trusses, purlins and hardware are all high grade aluminum specifically manufactured for this project to ensure the least amount of degradation from the high salt water content in the air.Sullivan Solar Power's Commercial Team delivered the Port's solar power system from concept to completion. Sullivan Solar Power is committed to using proven technology, quality workmanship and products. We are proud to help the Port of Long Beach declare energy independence.

This was a big, complex project _ the process of selecting a solar power contractor was rigorous. Sullivan Solar Power already had a long track record of successful large-scale installations, and was selected based on reputation and experience.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

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Solar Panels
Advanced Energy
Bill Before Solar
System Size
324 kW