Fallbrook’s Solar Program

On August 15, 2011, Sullivan Solar Power launched the Fallbrook Solar Program, which was available to the communities of Fallbrook and Bonsall. When the campaign closed on October 17, 2011, it marked the largest collective deployment of residential solar committed to being installed in San Diego County's history. Forty three residents signed up to declare energy independence with the community incentive program, equating to over 290,000 watts of solar combined.

The Fallbrook Solar Program reached the third and concluding objective of Sullivan Solar Power's community campaign, making the city the first to do so. Sullivan has disbursed to Fallbrook and Bonsall homeowners over $200,000 communally for affirming energy independence with this program.

Testimonials from Fallbrook Solar Program participants:

“With Sullivan Solar Power's help, we've been able to take an important step toward energy independence and sustainability in our home,” said Don and Beth Newcomer.

“Sullivan Solar Power employees were very nice, friendly, and professional. They did an excellent job. I'm very happy with the result,” said the first participant in the Fallbrook Solar Program, Lita O'Day, "Solar is the way to go, I am shocked that more people haven't gone solar already. It is such a wise investment."

“The experience was totally as advertised - possibly even better - a first rate install job! I liked the extra time taken to answer all my questions,” said Fallbrook residents Conrad and Cheryl Lindbery.

“From start to finish their professionalism and customer service was excellent,” said Charles Campbell, Fallbrook Solar Program participant.

For additional information about the Fallbrook Solar Program, check out past articles in the Fallbrook Village News:

The Fallbrook Solar Program closed, but there are still incentive offerings available exclusively through Sullivan Solar Power for residents to take advantage of.

Photo of roof mounted solar panels at a home in Fallbrook, CA

Please take a look at our Fallbrook Solar Power Installation Portfolio for more photos and information!

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