Jamul Solar Program

Sullivan Solar Power, a leading Southern California renewable energy company, announces that its popular Jamul Solar Program came to an end on August 29th. Exclusive to Jamul homeowners and businesses, this innovative program allowed residents to go solar for no upfront cost and receive substantial cash-back incentives for their involvement.

"Our firm championed the program to inspire residents to declare energy independence and make a longstanding impact on the community by reducing our carbon footprint," said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of the firm, "We had a vision of creating a strong solar community out of Jamul by offering incentives that will build a strong solar community."

In February, the program completed its first phase of funding, with 36,000 watts of solar committed to be installed. Most program participants are installation a solar power system around 8,000 watts of solar capacity, and will see their monthly electric bill reduce $100 on average.

The program closed with 86,983 watts of clean solar energy installed on 13 homes around Jamul. This program was successful in helping Jamulians adopt clean solar energy and declare energy independence from the grid.

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