Junior Solar Sprint

Junior Solar Sprint is a National competition of 5th through 8th graders designed to help children use teamwork and ingenuity to compete to create the best crafted, most interesting and of course, the fastest solar powered vehicles they can. Students learn valuable hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (commonly known as STEM) skills, while also learning about the benefits and importance of renewable energy.

Since 2009, Sullivan Solar Power and the IBEW Local 569 have sponsored the San Diego Junior Solar Sprint, which feeds the National competition. The National competition is held annually, in conjunction with the Technology Student Association and the Army Education Outreach Program.

Clean Power Partnership

In 2009, Sullivan Solar Power and the IBEW Local 569 partnered with a goal of promoting clean energy and enlightening future generations. Promoting the Junior Solar Sprint program was the easy first choice towards that goal.

Each year, Sullivan Solar Power and the IBEW donate hundreds of solar race car kits to participants from regional schools, including 300 this year alone. However, donating materials is only one small way these two organizations get involved. The IBEW, or International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is comprised of highly trained electrical professionals who receive ongoing training throughout their careers. Utilizing this knowledge base, IBEW professionals assist in “teaching the teachers.” Through outreach and training, they assist in developing the programs that local teachers use for their students. Together, the two groups organize and facilitate the event which attracted over 70 teams.

Event Highlights

If you were not able to make it to this year’s Southern California Junior Solar Sprint event, watch this video to see what you missed. Don’t miss out next time, be sure to preregister for next year’s event through the form at the bottom of the page.

Fun and the Future

Bringing children together, where they can have fun and learn about how today’s technology will shape their futures, has always been a primary goal of the event.

“The students were over the moon just to be participating in the Junior Solar Sprint. They didn't have to win, but they were out there having fun. This is how you inspire kids to do these types of engineer endeavors in the future.”

Chris Loarie, Father

“With the challenges we face today with pollution and climate change, it’s important to open up the kids’ minds to the clean energy sector.”

Jeff Talsky, Science Teacher at Challenger Middle School

Going to Nationals

Students compete in 4 categories; speed, design, originality and construction, which lead to an overall points winner. This year’s winning team which featured the car, “Chicken Potpie Rats,” took home the overall prize after accumulating the most points in 4 categories. Sullivan Solar Power is proud to sponsor the overall winners as they travel to Atlanta, GA next month to represent Southern California in the National competition.


  1. Chicken Potpie Rats — Joan Macqueen Middle School (Alpine)
  2. Speed of Light — Joan Macqueen Middle School (Alpine)
  3. Macqueen — Joan Macqueen Middle School (Alpine)


  1. Chicken Potpie Rats — Joan Macqueen Middle School (Alpine)
  2. The Alpha — Quantum Academy (Escondido)
  3. Macqueen — Joan Macqueen Middle School (Alpine)

Orange County Winner

  1. Seahawks 1 — Serrano Intermediate (Lake Forest)

Junior Solar Sprint Registration

At the moment, Sullivan Solar Power is unable to accept 2020 applications. The event is pending, dependent on the funding necessary to plan, supply and execute a successful race. Thank you for your interest and please check again later!